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May 30, 2008


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I used to be accused of being overly organized. However, years ago I thought I had to sell the house quickly and instantly became overwhelmed to the point of becoming claustophobic for two whole long weeks. At that time, I developed a "who cares" attitude about having everything in place. Now the house is cluttered and things are not in place. I think it's definitely my way of saying, "Hey look, I'm not perfect and never will be," or perhaps it really does reflect that I feel unattended, no one cares anyway so why should I. I'm not sure why the house is cluttered and needs attention.
I'm not terribly unhappy, not depressed, but getting it all together is something I continue to resist and can't truthfully put my finger on why, but I'm okay with it most of the time. Sometimes I think I'm making a statement that simply says: life is life even when it's not perfect and I'm not perfect, but here I am and even though it (the house) isn't picture perfect, it's still just fine like it is so everyone just get real and stop all the putting on airs and trying to be something that you will never attain -- perfection.

The Healthy Librarian

Wow! You write so well--this is so well said. I suspect the real truth is:
life is life even when it's not perfect and I'm not perfect, but here I am and even though it (the house) isn't picture perfect, it's still just fine like it is.

I've never been accused of being too organized or too neat. And honestly, I've given up what I call "overcleaning" when company comes. The dishes are washed, the counters are clean, the newspapers are thrown out, the books are on the book shelves, the bathrooms are clean, the beds are made, the clothes hung up--but the fine-tooth-comb-thing, all-over-dusting--forget about it--it takes way too much time & I have more fun & interesting things to be doing. Remember the findings of Snoop!?

Good enough housekeeping is good enough for me--and frankly, it's quite intimidating & off-putting to be in a too-clean & too-organized house, don't you think? Thanks for taking the time to write.


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