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December 31, 2011


Healthy Librarian

@Richard: Thanks for the link to Dr. Katz's post on Huff Post--it took awhile for him to get to point--and I wasn't quite sure where he was going--but then he finally said it--flat out:

Change your environment--what you are eating--what our culture is giving us to eat. Obesity isn't a genetic, psychological, or hormonal problem. It's because we're eating foods we shouldn't be eating.

Change what you eat--and change it from here on in. It's not about losing weight now--and then going back to what you were eating.

Highly palatable, highly-processed, sugary, & fatty foods will pack on the pounds--for most of us--and only a small minority of people are exempt!

Thanks so much, Richard!

I heard Tara on NPR--and she just doesn't get it!

BTW--He spoke this summer at the hospital where I work--conference on the crisis of childhood obesity--and he was fantastic!

@Sue T: Thanks for the taking the time to type out the NPR Transcript. Turns out, the caller with the Esselstyn "shout-out" was an HHLL reader. She later told me she mentioned this blog in her email--but that part wasn't read.

I was very disappointed in how flippantly Tara dismissed a plant-based oil-free diet. How can she judge if she doesn't commit to at least trying it for 4 weeks?

I hope she reconsiers!

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