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I'm a medical librarian at a leading US medical center.


I've been in the medical library "business" for 40 years. Since I got my first library card & could walk to the library myself I've been hooked on the medical/health/self-improvement book shelves. I'm always skeptical - yet open-minded.

At 8 years old I was telling my parents that it was important for me to get to sleep by 8:00 pm, and they better start giving me a multi-vitamin because I probably wasn't getting everything I needed from what I was eating. Since I couldn't swallow a pill at that age, & there weren't chewables back then, I hid it in some cereal & bit right into it. Yuck. I also told them it was important for me to have chores, be grounded if I did something wrong, & have a curfew in high school. They refused to give in to me!

53 years later I'm still "test driving" everything new that comes along in the health & fitness field that seems sensible to me, all in the name of a HAPPY HEALTHY LONG LIFE. I'm like a kid in a candy store working and doing research in one of the best medical libraries around. We have access to over 30,000 electronic journals, and so much more!

I've learned a lot along the way that I freely share with anyone who cares to listen. This blog is my way to just keep track of all the great information that comes my way and to write about what the researchers are really reporting in medical journals, not the spin the public reads in the "press releases". But, most importantly, I get a chance to report on "my adventures in evidence-based living".

To see how my first year of "experimenting" has shaped up, click here:


all npr talk shows (not the music); experimenting with healthy delicious recipes; tutoring at an elementary school; spinning (as in cycling not yarn);yoga; weight-training; hiking; dancing; mah jongg; anything having to do with my kids and my grandchildren; just hanging out