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April 02, 2008



And what do you mean when you say that the soy protein "disagreed" with your husband? Bet I know.....


I checked out the youtube link that you posted of "greensmoothiegirl" making a smoothie. She is a pretty strong advocate for the Blendtech blender over the VitaMix

We all know how you do your due diligence in the research department, I am wondering if there was a reason you chose the VitaMix over alternatives. I am trying to work up the nerve to buy one of these.

Love your blog by the way, one of the first to which I subscribed.

The Healthy Librarian

I never even considered the BlendTech, because I had seen the VitaMix demo'ed & it did exactly what I wanted it to do. The company's reputation is fantastic--they've been around for years, have a 7 year guarantee & I just plain trusted them.

Robyn makes a very good case--but here's the interesting thing--as far as I'm concerned it's all bells & whistles that I don't care about. My microwave has a million settings, and purports to make all kinds of recipes--but I just use it cook on high--occasionally to thaw--that's all.

Long story short--a friend of mine decided on the BlendTec because of it's million features--like grinding grain into flour--it's got an LCD screen & you program in what you're making--and there's no tamper--it supposedly creates a vortex to suck the food down. There are 17 settings!

It's not at all easy to use. It's overkill. Without the tamper, it just doesn't work so well. He actually got a tool from VitaMix to help push the food down. He has to put the ingredients into it in a special order--liquid first, etc. It took 3 different tries to get it all turned into a smoothie--and he was using already cooked squash.

He also told me that the Vitamix people were much more customer friendly & treated their customers much better--giving more support.

We use the Vitamix mostly for green smoothies--but it makes hummus, tahini, fruit sorbet, crushes ice (makes a great Margherita, makes nut butters & blends soups in a flash.
I put everything in, all at once, no need to cut fruit up into tiny pieces, add some water or juice & BAM it's done. I like to use the tamper to push food down, when necessary but there's no force needed to do it--at all, as Robyn describes it--it's nothing.

The clean up is a breeze--nothing to unscrew. My model is tall & I keep it under my counter without the glass container. I did see that there is a new undercounter version, though. I'm not interested in grinding flour--but if I change my mind someday I'll get the dry jar.

I wouldn't pack this in a suitcase--whatever the size! I've taken it on car trips, though if I'm staying at someone's house or going someplace with a kitchen. No way would I make smoothies in a hotel room.

Anyway--I would have thought that the 2 blenders were similar, but after seeing my friend's, I'm so glad I don't have the BlendTech!!
Too many bells & whistles & not so easy to use.

Hope this helps!

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