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April 12, 2008



Dear Health Librarian,
Thank you for putting so much great information in one place. I'm writing a report for subscribers to my newsletter and was researching the belly fat/ stroke connection. You saved me from flipping all over the web gathering results from individual studies.
I'm as passionate as you seem to be in getting sound information to people to help them live well and healthy.
I'll keep you in my radar.
Gregory Anne

jean mosher

Now I need to get the prescription, so to speak, to get rid of it


"Most of them are vegetarians who eat fish, vegans, and dedicated exercisers."

At first I was shocked by this sentence,
because I read the last few words as a series of things vegetarians eat. Then I laughed at my mistake. What I get for scanning the text!

I saw some of your comments at NYTimes and decided to visit after a few months. Glad I did--this is a really helpful website!

Healthy Librarian

Hi T,

Thanks for taking the time to write. Funny story about how you misread that line about vegetarians. So glad you stopped by to visit my blog--I'm sure it must seem annoying how often I seem to comment on something in the NYT's Well blog--but honestly, research about healthy living is just something I find fascinating. I really blog for myself--to keep track of the information I find useful, and preserve recipes I love--and I enjoy sharing information--that's what a librarian does. Nothing to sell, nothing to promote.

weny doran

my age, family history, bp ,lipid profile, fat distribution(only a feww extra pounds on belly) exercise regime sound almost identical to yours so i follow your search for good health with interest. i was eating the exact same diet as you before your last two cholesterol tests and had the same results as you, so was very interested in what dr E had to say about fluffy puffy ldls and not to worry if they were elevated a bit. I have completely cut out all fats for the last 6 weeks and my BP has come down to 120/70 (was 110/64 this afternoon), haven't had lipids tested since before cutting fats but will do so soon. I have read everything you have written keep up the good research!!!! wendy doran


What do you think of the diet that you take a pregnancy hormone with? It's supposed to target belly fat.

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