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May 13, 2008



and, taking a tip from last week's blog - to do those dreaded things first thing in the certainly helped me this week!


Why do we let things pile up? It's so much easier to do it of the things I have to keep working on. I'm married to a "do it now"-er, so at least I have a good example.


I agree with your "do it now" approach to household chores, but it becomes a problem when it invades the workplace. I've taught high-school photography for over 20 years and cannot believe the extent to which telephone and e-mail demands have invaded my day. Add to that the kids who bombard me with all kinds of requests (not all of them urgent or even necessary) and you have a recipe for occupationally-induced ADD. So yes, wipe up the spill or pick up the dropped sock as it happens, but when you're trying to focus on something requiring sustained thought, the best policy might be saying "I"ll add it to my list."


Yes, entropy. Fighting it is a learned skill.

The Do-It-Now rule is good if you have time; the notebook thing, not so helpful. That book needs to be everywhere to be convenient, and most of the time it's lost or far away and what I need to put in it isn't necessarily worth the time to go and write it down.

But the idea of taking care of things as I go along -- not making a trip upstairs without thinking what else needs to be taken or done up there is certainly helpful. is take care of things as I go along; the force of entropy

Hank Roberts

arrrgh, and I vowed never to make the bed again:

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