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August 09, 2008


charley james

i love chia seeds! i've been adding them to everything i can think of for about the past year and i'm definitely going to try this recipe. where do you get your seeds? i can't find chia seeds in any of my local health food store so i've been buying them online at and they are great! have you ever heard of them? i can give them a great recommendation if you need a good place to buy chia seeds.

The Healthy Librarian

Charley, I found chia seeds at Whole Foods & a local health food store. I'm sure they will be more widely available as word spreads of their benefits. Check my earlier post about chia at:
The medical study on its benefits used a brand called, Salba, which is purported to have a more reliable nutritional profile, than others. Who knows?


how large is the serving size refered to in the nutrition facts for greensmoothie

The Healthy Librarian

The smoothie serving is about 25-27 ounces--I mix enough up to fill two 27 ounce Kleen Kanteens. I finish the 2nd Kanteen the next day.


I saw your post on new york times (about vitamins) and just knew you were a Dr. Fuhrman fan! I am sooo glad that there are some truly educated commenters on that site. yay.

Healthy Juices

After having loved the mango juice so much, I looked up nutritional information about the mango, and turns out it makes up very healthy juices. For example mango juice, as do most of all juices drinks, has not so many calories, zero fat, a little sugar and carbohydrates to give me an energy boost, and it is filled with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Potassium and many other important nutrients. Juices drinks have a lot more nutritional value than the regular coke I would drink or any carbonated drink.


I take coumadin (blood thinner) for an artificial heart valve. Would it be ok for me to drink a green smoothie every day?

The Healthy Librarian


Taking coumadin SERIOUSLY changes the picture when it comes to eating greens. This has to be managed carefully with a physician--in other words the coumadin dose would have to be lowered if you were taking greens--and blood work would have to be taken to help this adjustment. At least that's what I understand--I'm certainly not a physician!

You would ABSOLUTELY have to work this out with your doctor. He would need to know the amount of greens you are consuming so he could adjust your coumadin accordingly. Greens are high in vitamin K, and anticlotting. I've definitely read that this is doable--I'm thinking from Dr. Christopher Gardner of Stanford--but you need to work with someone who is both an advocate for healthy eating---and skilled in adjusting coumadin doses. But, you don't want to miss out on all the benefits of vitamin-mineral rich greens.

Good luck! Let me know if you are able to work this out.


I've been making smoothies for me and the girls for the last couple of years--I have one anti-vegetable girl who won't touch them, but she drinks them just fine because she doesn't know! (Heh! We moms have our ways! Best said with a german accent.)

I've been using my regular blender and I just ordered a Vita-Mix. I have to say, my cheap Osterizer from Target did a pretty good job for 4 years, but I am so excited about the Vita-Mix.

One of my favorite very light treats is watermelon, spinach and ice. It's delightful on a hot summer day!


We just got our Vita-Mix a few days ago. It makes it so easy for us to eat plenty of vegetables despite very busy lives. I was about to make a late dinner tonight then realized a smoothie would take just a few minutes to make. I feel so much better now after a smoothie than I would after a heavier dinner!

So far, we've made a few different smoothies that have included kale, red cabbage, arugula, celery (with leaves), beet, radish, lemon, garlic, chili powder, jalapeno pepper, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, apple, banana, and peanuts. We also made cappucino & strawberry shakes with raw organic milk. Everything we've made has been so delicious and filling!

The Healthy Librarian


I want to know more about what you mixed the beets, chili powder, jalapeno, and peanuts with--how did it taste? What would you do again? What were your more favorite combos? You are way more adventurous than I've been--and I'd love to take advantage of your successes!!

howie simon

I really enjoyed this article and feel even better about the greens i have always liked eating..
i disagree with one thing, though. Kale is not a difficult green to cook. My experience is i can steam some kale from my garden in about 4 minutes, its faster than carrots or broccoli. same goes for bak choi and mustart greens and probably all the other leafy greens.
mixed with carrots, yellow finn potatoes, and garnished with olive oil and some cilantro, its quick, simple and delicious
Just my experience..

Healthy Librarian

Since writing this post a year and a half ago--I've become a huge fan of cooked greens. LOVE THEM Cooked TOO!! I actually crave them.

Yes, I do agree with you. But I still add them raw to a daily green smoothie.


For the healthiest benefits, are you cooking the vegetables in the smoothies; i.e. carrots, kale, etc?


I have been taking green smoothies daily for about 3 months but often feel a bit nauseaus during and after I have had my morning smoothies. I usually have half an apple, a kiwi fruit, half a large banana, 1/4 inch fresh ginger, 4 leaves of spinach/silverbeet. The nausea doesn't hang around too long but do you have any suggestions why I feel this way? Maybe I should have them as my evening meal?

Healthy Librarian

I'm not sure what's giving you the nauseous feeling. Try leaving the ginger out (even though that's supposed to combat nausea), also, don't drink your smoothie all at once. I often drink my 27 ounce Klean Kanteen's worth, throughout the day. Try it--or maybe try a different green, like mild tasting Lacinato kale. I've asked others who drink green smoothies, and no one else mentioned ever experiencing brief nausea. I'd say, just experiment--and drink only small amounts at a time and see if that works!


I love your blog, but I just have to ask you...are you paid by Vita-Mix to advertise their appliances?

The Healthy Librarian


Thanks for the compliment--and NO--I'm definitely not paid by Vita-Mix (or anyone else) for this blog. I'm sure they have no idea who I am. It's just an amazing product!! I write this blog for myself--and to share what I learn. As a medical librarian I have the opportunity to read a lot more research than the general public--and I enjoying sharing what I learn--and what's working for me.


Hi...I'm a recent convert to green smoothies, (and Robyn Openshaw). I got a Blendtec blender for Christmas, and in searching for smoothie recipes, I found her, and from there, the Green for Life book by Victoria Boutenko. This has been a life changing experience for me, and I'm 79 yrs. old, so it took me long enough. I've enjoyed the comments, and hope there will be more. I love your blog. Thanks so much.
I hadn't thought about including jalapeno pepper. Great idea!


We are in a quandary. We've been drinking green smoothies for almost 2 weeks, expected.. my husband's INR is high (He takes Coumadin for heart condition). I advised our doctor that we're drinking green smoothies, and was told that's too many "green,leafy vegetables". (I knew that!) I figured they could adjust the coumadin to accomodate our diet. Now they're telling him to take some extra coumadin, and stop drinking green smoothies. Surely, we aren't the only ones with that problem.
I'm feeling so much better, with more energy, and sleeping better than I have in years. Also, my dry skin is softer & smoother. I just don't want to cause my husband more health problems by trying to cure him. Help!


Hi JeannieB,
I am not a doctor but have learned quite a bit about how eating better can help in lessening the need for prescription drugs (and over the counter). My personal opinion would be to consult another doctor who will take into consideration your healthier diet and adjust the Coumadin accordingly; a holistic doctor. I find it so irritating when doctors would rather keep someone on drugs and lower their nutritional needs.

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