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November 30, 2008


Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD

I'd like to suggest one more Breast Cancer Prevention Tip: Eat Less Omega-6 Fat.

WHY: In October 2008, a large case-control study (nearly 1700 women), showed that women with a genetic susceptibility had a nearly 2-fold increase in breast cancer risk if they ate a high omega-6 fat diet (>17.4 grams of linoleic acid/day).

Yet when genetically susceptible women ate a lower omega-6 fat diet, there was no increase in cancer risk, which may indicate that the “cancer-gene-machine” did not get switched on. This appears to be a modifiable risk factor. It may also be the reason that previous studies show an association with diets low in omega-6 fat with a reduction of all-cause mortality, which includes cancer.

HOW: Omega-6 fats are the most commonly eaten polyunsaturated fat in the USA. The highest sources in the American diet are soybean oil, corn oil and cottonseed oil. You'll find them as the primary fat ingredient in: margarine, salad dressing, mayonnaise, processed foods and many "heart-healthy" foods. Instead, choose foods that use primarily olive oil, canola oil, flax oil or high-oleic oils. When possible choose free-range meats as they have a lower omega-6 fat content (since these animals graze on a diet of grasses which is lower in omega-6 fats, rather than the conventional corn-based diet.)

(Here's more info on the study:

Paige Westerfield

I have been reading Servan-Shrieber's book this week, after buying it for myself as a birthday present. After being diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in May of 2007 I have focused on evidence-based approaches for preventing recurrence. I've implemented most of the suggestions made in the book already, but it's always helpful to hear these messages again, both for the hope they inspire and to stay on track with the health behavior changes I've made in the interest of survival.
This blog seems like a great resource and I look forward to reading more.

The Healthy Librarian

I wish you courage, strength, good fortune & good medical care in your cancer fight. I was very impressed with Servan-Schreiber's book--his common sense, his research & his nutrition/environmental/psychological/stress-reduction/medical approach. Look--who wouldn't want to pull out all the stops in the face of illness!

I'm sure you've probably seen Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer DVD & book--Yes, she can be a little too perky--but whatever she's doing is certainly working for her. She, too uses common sense, sees the best medical expert in the field, but is doing everything she can to stay healthy. I know it's anecdotal evidence...but it's working for her.

Is there anything in particular that you're doing that seems to help? I would be very interested to know. Stay well!

And last point--like you--I find it very reinforcing to hear over & over again that healthy behaviors work!!

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