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November 03, 2008



Be very cautious with Zicam. I've know a couple of people who have lost their sense of smell for extended periods of time from using it. Some permanetly. There is a huge lawsuit against the company, but it will probably come to nothing, as they say it's "homeopathic." Google it for more info...


I got instructions for saline nasal lavage from an HMO physician (at the same time as she prescribed a steroid spray, which I opted not to use) to clear up a drip. The health plan's instructions call for Pickling & Canning Salt, rather than Kosher Salt--P & C is very pure, with no additives.

It also suggested using an ear syringe to spray the solution, which works great (it does not come apart into two pieces for cleaning, but I rinse it with scalding water after every use).

The recipe (1-3 tsp salt, a tsp soda) makes a gallon of solution at a time, which I store in a covered glass pitcher in the bathroom and pour into a separate dish to use with the syringe (so the jar solution isn't contaminated). I've used it most mornings for the last three years, and it's served me well.


Thank you for this column. All of your info bears repeating from time to time.

Chris G.

Great tips. I really love this site. How refreshing to see claims supported by science. Thank you!

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks Chris. I can't tell you how many times I've dodged the bullet with my neti pot, Zicam, sleep & hand washing. My husband & grown-up kids are converts, too.

Strange as it sounds, sometimes I can actually notice when the cold is about to take hold & it actually just leaves. I'm thinking about giving SinuCleanse & Zicam to the folks at work for Christmas--seems like someone is always getting sick where I work.

Health-Nut in NY

Also try using Alkalol ( ) with your Neti pot. It's a very popular remedy in our neck of the woods here in NY!

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