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January 09, 2009


rip esselstyn

Healthy Medical Librarian!
Thank you for your wonderful blog re: Engine 2 and your attempt to get your 25 year old son to eat more plant-strong. Let him know if it's good enough for the guys at the firehouse it's good enough for his house. "Real men" eat plants while "boys" eat meat. He doesn't need to be plant-perfect, just more plant-strong. My crusade is to make Americans healthier by teaching them to simply eat more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes and much less refined and processed foods, meat, and dairy. Everyone should know they have the power to achieve their best health and ideal weight and it starts and ends with what's at the end of their fork. Keep up the great work!

Ann Crile Esselstyn


I LOVE your blogs...all of them! I am partial, of course, to this one. Thank you for combining so much information and so many wonderful links all here. I learned even more about Rip's new web site than I had known before, all because of you and our chance meeting the morning before.

Before you know it, you will completely believe your blogs and be totally plant based! And perhaps your son too!

I can't wait for your next blog!

Ann Crile Esselstyn

The Healthy Librarian

Dear Rip & Ann,
Thanks so much for your kind replies! You are truly a family that walks its talk & you are an inspiration to many. I'm so glad that Rip wrote a book aimed at men who think it's all about animal protein and that he addresses all the usual questions, like: what about competitive athletics, lack of energy, the complete protein question, & eating lots of carbs!

Son #2 read my post & was very impressed with your message--he even read the FAQs. But, in my co-opted version of Juma Ikangaa's words (NYC Marathon winner): "The Will to Eat Healthy Means Nothing Without the Will to Prepare."

I'm looking forward to seeing the book in print. Good luck!


This sounds really interesting and the recipes look tasty. I'm wondering what happens after 28 days? Thanks!

The Healthy Librarian

Hi Terri,

Check out Fit City, an Austin blog written by Pamela LeBlanc, and read about the 28 day challenge Rip ran for interested Austinites.

As for what happens after 28 days? You keep-on-keeping-on with the program!

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