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March 04, 2009



Sending you energy and support on your visit back to
Warmest wishes,
Jeann BrickFlorida


Simply beautiful, and perfect timing for me this morning. I woke up with roaring tinnitus in my bad ear, and allowed that to make me feel old and irrelevant. Just a few moments of self-pity, mind you, but enough to make the morning sun less bright. These words of encouragement were just what I needed to recenter myself. I'm going to summarize them in my journal, so they aren't gone in two days. THANK YOU for writing--I find you a very deep well of wisdom and cheer!


Beautifully said and so true. Very inspiring to me on a day which didn't begin too well. I particularly liked what you had to say about 'just showing up.' It does matter so much. I'm going to try to summarize these four points in my journal now, so that I don't forget. Thank you for the inspiration.


You are on my mind , sending you my best !


You are on my mind, sending you my best !

Kairol Rosenthal

Your fortune cookie pic reminded me of one I got not long ago and taped to my fridge. I think it relates well to the topic at hand: "Accept something you cannot change, and you will feel better." Easier said than done, but so true!


Ashley Osment

As usual, your timing is impeccable. I'm recovering from a chemotherapy infusion today that, along with the attendant steroids, knocks me out. This is on top of pretty bad anemia that generally keeps me dragging. I thrive on short, powerful hits of grounding information. Like your blog.

It happens all the time that you reference an author I've read. I'm not sure why this excites me, but it does. For example, Sylvia Boorstein is a source of wisdom for me in the face of cancer, cancer treatment and relationships. A friend gave me her book after we learned that my cancer had recurred. Her gift came with an offer to meditate together.

So many people in my world truly live the important message in today's blog entry. That's a beautiful thing.

Beverly Balliot

You, my dear, obviously have such an ability to share yourself Ashley. I adore the memories that I have of you and I as kids. Beautiful Ashley, with long golden hair... walking to your house after a "Brownie" meeting at the chuch, going to the principal's office after "puffed up" boys tried to snare our attentions with agressive behaviors. Life was so simple and now how that simplicity has given way to a cause or a younger heartbeat or whatever this next hour brings. Although these blogs are not recent, it is so good to open my thoughts to you. Good memories. Remember?

Beverly Jones Balliot

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