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March 01, 2009


Ashley Osment

I've often told friends that my husband and I get along so well because neither one of us care a wit about money. Both civil rights lawyers, we work long hours, but much of it at home with our daughter right here in the mix. My husband's clients know our family home and our daughter, 12 now , is regularly asked, "Do you remember me, I met you at your house?"

By the way, I was happy to find your blog about a month ago. I am living -- so far healthy! -- with metastatic ovarian cancer. It was nice to find a blog promoting so many nutrition-based ideas that I had already read and decided were compelling enough to adopt. It's always exciting when you have a new post.

Kerry Pearse

This is a great post - lots of good reasons for a reshift for a general community move to this approach irrespective of the economy. The other point of interest I often think about is what would the employment impact be if people like me who work way above normal standard hours just to get the work done worked a normal working week. But even better - let's make a shorter working week the norm. So much is within scope if enough people make personal decisions for lifestyle and consumption change.

The Healthy Librarian

I completely agree with you--well said! There are so many people who work absurdly long hours--particulary professionals, and they do so at great cost to their families, as well as their own mental health. For many--a true 40 hour a week job would be a welcome relief. I may be off-base here, but I think some people in high paying jobs would much prefer to make do with less in exchange for being able "to get their lives back". Don't ya think?

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