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May 23, 2009


Chris G.

Great interview. Great responses and tips for runners. And great to see the fun and love you clearly share in your marriage. Mazel tov.


Those muscle cramps in your small joints and feet are signs of low magnesium. I've found that too much potassium (daily consumption of bananas, for example) can aggrevate this condition, as can excess calcium, which in your case maybe a case of too much calcium transport in nerve cells - it's an important 'second messenger' neurotransmitter. You're experiencing tonus, a lack of ion balance across cell membranes in SR.

Make sure you have sufficient protein intake to drive muscle tissue turnover and repair.

Nice article!

Ashwin Tombat

"My 59 year old husband has been running for about 36 years. Definitely, not daily. After a couple of injuries & mono, somehow he came across an easy-does-it, easy-on-the-joints method of training for long runs."

Is there anywhere I can find out what this "easy-does-it, easy-on-the-joints method of training for long runs" is all about?

I really need to find a better technique, as I regularly injure myself even with my present, low impact, 'ball of the big toe' technique.


Could I also ask about the thing that Ashwin queried please?

"Is there anywhere I can find out what this "easy-does-it, easy-on-the-joints method of training for long runs" is all about?"

I'd also like to know about the easy-does-it training method. Is there a book, or website perhaps?

Thank you.

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