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July 18, 2009



Your blog is wonderful. I read the same NYT article about calorie restriction in monkeys. All I thought afterwards was how ignorant the author seemed. He's obviously never tried healthy eating for a long period of time. It is very pleasant to not have to feel like crap after eating a burger and fries. Once you've been eating somewhat healthy for a few months, he would understand what the cheeseburger 'hangover' feels like. I don't eat healthy all the time, but I definitely don't agree with the author who thinks that healthy living is about deprivation. You have to work hard at eating right but it's worth it - not for the extra years but because of the increased energy and overall feel good feeling you get from nutritious foods.


Good blog. However, I am confused, genuinely. Dr. Weil strongly recommends fish at least twice a weak and olive oil. Dr. Esselstyn is against this. David Servan Schreiber and many others strongly advocate green tea against cancer and for other benefits. Now I discover the doctor in your blog who says it is bad for the stomach.
Prhaps there are no general rules valid for all, besides the basic ones, such as avoiding red meat, for instance.

The Healthy Librarian


Different docs come from different knowledge bases, and from different patient experiences. Dr. Esselstyn sees the effect olive oil has had on his heart patients-and he's studied the more specific research on the effects of olive oil on the endothelium.

Dr. Shinya is a gastroenterologist--and also has patients in Japan who drink a lot of green tea. He's seen the insides of intestines of people who drink a lot of green tea.

Dr. Servan-Schreiber is a psychiatrist (I think), who as a cancer patient decided to study the medical literature to look for foods that would benefit cancer.

That's why you see what appears to be contradictory recommendations.

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