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July 14, 2009



Wow... you have your finger on the pulse... or I do ...or... I just picked these up 2 days ago at WF and stashed them in the freezer... now delighted to have your thumbs up taste test.

Love your blogs...I've shared the civility list with several friends who also appreciated.

Thank you!

Tofu Mom

LOVE LOVE LOVE Field Roast. Probably since I live near Seattle, they're pretty easy to find. The "chorizo" style makes the BEST tacos with some black beans, corn and fresh veggies. They also make delicious "grain meat" sandwich slices next time you're in the mood.

Nice blog by the way, just ran across it!!


I second Tofu Mom's recommendation of the 'chorizo' Field Roast sausages! I've had the veggie chorizo made by other companies, and not only are the spices completely wrong but they have the texture of cardboard. Smoked apple sage sausages are lovely, too. Field Roast rocks!

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