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July 06, 2009



I like the field roast sausages better than the tofurkey ones. They're more flavorful.

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks for the tip about Field Roast Sausages. I've never heard of them--but they sound intriguing with my favorite "chipotle" flavor, smoked apple sage & Italian. All made with real ingredients & seasonings.

There's a store in my area that carries them, so I will definitely sample them. Sounds like an up and coming company.

Here's the link if anyone is interested:

Chef Jeff

You can approximate the Field Roast Sausages by flavoring Vital Wheat Gluten (VWG) when cooking at home. I've found that pressure cooking (slow steaming, not boiling) the VWG produces the best results. It comes out firm with the chew of meat. If the VWG is boiled it becomes spongy.

I've been experimenting with VWG with some amazing results. Next up will be combining VWG with TVP to produce a sausage-style breakfast patty.

Here's a great How To video I found to make vegan corned beef:



I have never considered myself a particular fan of chickpeas, but I'm TOTALLY making your potatoes-added version of Isa's 40-clove Broccoli & Chickpeas AND Mark Bittman's Pan-Fried Chickpeas with Spinach and Chorizo. Chickpeas dishes have never looked so yummy to me!

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