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August 28, 2009



Love your blog! Here's a link to my favorite high fiber, no-artificial-stuff, yummy cereal.

Tonight, after reading your blog, I took a little chocolate and melted it over the cereal. Super good. Thanks for the tip!


Curious if you'll compare to this,
or anything else available premade.
(I know these are somehow different than the vending machine stuff, because the vending machine people laughed off my request to stock them, though they've added other higher-fat stuff others suggested)

Hank Roberts

Hey, can you take a look at the Kashi products and comment on how they fit with this? They are the only prepackaged ones I can find on the shelves these days that seem even close:


I see by your recent posts that you have apparently forsworn nuts, and maybe chocolate too, but I have been making a variation of one of the sweet snacks above since I read this post, and I love it! My recipe:

1 square 70% (or 85%) Lindt chocolate [55 calories]
1/3 cup Trader Joe's High Fiber Cereal [no aspartame, 40 calories]
8 almonds, coarsely chopped (~70 calories]

I melt the chocolate in the microwave (55 seconds at 70% power works for me), then thoroughly stir in both the cereal and nuts. I usually eat it with a spoon right away, but allowed to cool, the mixture is transportable. Very satisfying and nutritious for only 165 calories!

Donna McFarland

Could you not use Hershey's special dark chocolate syrup, in place of the solid chocolate square?

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