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September 12, 2009



Thanks. My Mom (84) has horrible osteoporosis. It's so sad. She's had several breaks and is in constant pain. I worry when I take her any where that she'll get jostled by a person in a hurry and that something will break. This theory makes sense. I'll be getting the book.

Pamela Davis

I am a vegan diagnosed with osteopenia. I would like to find out which grains, if any, are okay to eat? I have heard that breads and pastas are very bad.

Thank you.

The Healthy Librarian


Of course grains are healthy to eat--it's all about balancing them with enough vegetables & fruits. Borrow a copy of Lanou's book from the library.

Bone health depends on a lot of things--weight-bearing exercise, adequate vitamin D (get your levels checked & aim for a level of 40 ng/mL), calcium (important for vegans), and a multitude of vitamins & minerals.

Osteopenia as a diagnosis is controversial--read the transcript or listen to the podcast of this award-winning NPR story: How A Bone Disease Grew to Fit the Prescription

Also, to get a better understanding of how grain enters into all of this, read this post:

For more on bone health, read this:

By all means don't cut out whole grains--they're an important addition to a vegan diet.

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