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September 02, 2009



Great information.

My husband has higher than he wants LDL (still low total cholesterol, and really, not bad LDL, but it could be better) and we had read about the light and fluffy cholesterol particles.

He's been thinking about getting the test just to know what his LDL looks like.

I am sad/annoyed that your doctor didn't necessarily want to run the test on you to better understand your cholesterol when you asked. (I am annoyed for all the reasons you are annoyed, ugh. Doctors like to prescribe, that's the model of Am. Medicine.

Also, in general, people, doctors included, or maybe especially, don't like it when you question, but that's how we learn, and make improvements) I am glad you pushed for the test.

Statins seem to do as much harm as good--they may fix cholesterol, but they are HARD on the liver and other parts. I am due to go in for a fasting cholesterol test. I am looking forward to knowing all my numbers.

Thank you for the heart smart post!


Dang. I guess this puts an end to the "older men can drink a little alcohol" notion, eh? I recall alcohol raises triglycerides, right?


I'm just wondering what your take is on xylitol. I use it to sweeten my tea, thinking it's slightly less caloric than sugar and is reputed to have dental benefits. Is this all hype? Is it just another sugar masquerading as sometime better than the rest?


I don't understand how i can have 200 overall cholestoral and have 407 triglycerides???


I would like to hear your take on Xylitol as well. I just reviewed a book, "Metabolic Effect Diet" by Jade Teta ND and Keoni Teta ND. They were big on it. I think you would find the book interesting by the way, despite the title it is mostly about exercise and hormones.

Jill M. Patt, DVM

Not sure how safe xylitol is in humans but I can tell you that a very small amount is toxic and potentially fatal to dogs. I've written a case report that I treated at my vet hospital if interested -

Love this blog! You've provided great information for healthy eating. I've recently converted to whole foods and your info is very helpful in educating me on how to shop and cook healthy - love it!! Can you recommend any other sites with more info?

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