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September 26, 2009



I can't believe it - every time I read one of your posts is an "aha!" moment for me...a "WOW, THAT is useful information" experience.

I don't know how you do it - but thank you. I am starting my (multiple personality) day with a smile because of you.


The Healthy Librarian

Hi Bev,
Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I'm never quite sure when I post if what I write is going to make sense to anybody besides me. I'm always thinking, "Is this really useful information?" So glad you found it be.


Wow, wow, wow...this is SOOOOO true about me! I so often resolve to eat healthy, after having enjoyed some guilt-inducing, pleasurable "junk" food.

What this article did for me was say, "Hey, you two selves! Stop beating up on each other!"



I found my way here via a comment you left on The Happiness Project. I am usually pretty stuck in my blog routine and don't do this too often, but I am so glad I did on this occasion.

I have been struggling with my "multiple" personalities for as long as I can remember. One therapist gave me a model I quite liked, that of the child, parent and adult (Transactional Analysis.) But this post is so much better! I love that example of the warm vs. the cold boy! That's it! It's like when I used to eat a gallon container of ice cream while reading diet magazines; it was so easy to make diet resolutions when I felt happily satisfied or uncomfortably full.

I will forward this post to my husband because he keeps calling me the sprinter (my dominant short-term self) while he is a marathon runner (very dominant long-term self.) So I don't just fight with my own multiple personalities but also with my husband! :) It's not so bad though because, being this way, we also compliment each other in many situations. And it's funny, I never looked at myself that way, trying to find ways how all my selves can compliment each other .... hmmm .... lots of food for thought here!

Thank you!

The Healthy Librarian

Glad you visited the blog-and sent a comment! Bloom's ideas definitely made sense to me--as a "marathoner" I need to "sprint" more! I agree with you, I think the marriage of a "marathoner" to a "sprinter" is an excellent match! And I want to do some more thinking about how these "different" selves can better serve each other.


Just a minor point - the article you refer to above by Paul Bloom - "First Person Plural" The Atlantic, November 2009- was printed in the November 2008 (not 2009) Atlantic.

Please keep up the good work, I truly enjoy your blog! And how do you get your comments into the NY Times on-line postings so quickly - you've been the first commenter on a bunch of them, as I noticed recently!

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks Rick, for pointing that out. In the post I mentioned it was a year old article--but sometimes when I type, my fingers and brain aren't in sync. I was 2009 mode. I just "fixed" it up!

As for the NYT comments--it's just a random timing thing--if I happen to check Well, & it's something I'm interested in--and most importantly--if it's an article that's just been posted.

I would think that everything gets posted as it's received.

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