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September 20, 2009



I love your column .... thank you for helping me make sense of all the information out there.

Have you tried oven baking the dal burger without frying them. I tried to avoid fried foods and found that if you just stick them in the oven it works just as well (I have a delicious recipe for sweet potato falafel in which it is only oven baked - works like a charm.


The Healthy Librarian

Thanks for the tip Stephanie and thanks for the kind words!

I've always assumed I needed a little smidge of oil to get the browning effect--but I'm going to give your technique a try. So...just put the dal burgers in the oven at say 350 degrees and they'll brown & crisp up? That would be much better, and much faster. I'd love to try you sweet potato falafel recipe, if you care to share.

Robert Ross

Excellent recipes (and a very useful blog on so many subjects -- thanks for all the work you do to educate others).

A couple ideas on the Librarian/Trader Joe burgers:

If you just smoosh up chickpeas rather than using chickpea flour, the glycemic index of the dish will be lower. The smooshed chickpeas add a bit of mouth feel to the burgers.

One way to improve the juiciness of vegetarian burgers is to add chia seeds to the recipe. When I tried yours yesterday, I added one tablespoon, which was enough to give the burgers a really nice mouth feel without changing taste.

Thanks again -- your other two recipes sound very good as well.

Best, Bob


I've been thinking about buying the pre-made lentils from TJ's. Now I have a good excuse to do so. Sounds like a great burger. Kudos to you for playing detective and figuring out the recipe. I love doing that too! It's kind of like a fun game in the kitchen! And the burger is gluten free. You get extra points for that!


The Healthy Librarian

Thanks, Robert for the modification. I just added the chickpea flour because that was on the Whole Foods ingredients list--good to know it's not necessary. It did help with getting out the stickiness when I patted some on the tops & bottoms before browning--which according to Stephanie--is also a step I can ditch.

Never thought of adding the chia seeds.

The Healthy Librarian

Ellen, you should definitely try the beans! They're very tasty--and sinse they're the French lentils--they are nice & firm--not at all mushy. It's a big time-saver.

Just picked up a new variety of these all ready cooked refrigerated beans--with a mix of six beans: white & red kidney, cranberry beans, black beans, white navy beans, & black-eyed beans.


I made the Spicy Sweet Black Beans last night, and all I have to say is, Wow. My husband turned to me and said, "This recipe is a keeper - the flavors just burst in your mouth. You could serve this to company!" High praise, indeed. Not to mention it hit all the 'high notes' for a recipe for me - healthy, easy and tasty.

I have been recommending your blog at every turn lately, it seems. People are just so hungry for nutritional news and inspiration that is based on research and evidence, not just the latest scan of the newswire. Thanks for all you do.

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks so much Carrie for the feedback. Great to hear someone else's opinion. The mixture of flavors is amazing + it really is so easy. You & your husband just made my day! So happy you like my blog!!


Your lentil dal burger is now officially my favorite food! Better than the Whole Foods version, IMHO--theirs can be a little dry. I'll have to try your other recipes and report back!

Health Librarian

Wow, Laurie! What an endorsement. Thanks for reporting back. Definitely, please, let me know what works well for you.

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