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October 04, 2009


Steve Parker, M.D.

This is disturbing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. My wife just got over a 36-hr gastrointestinal illness that started one hour after eating a burger from a fast-food joint that we've enjoyed many times in the past. Coincidence or connection???


Lock Alarm

I have been serving well-cooked ground beef on our dining table for years now. Ground beef with pasta, with potatoes, with tacos, with rice, on omelet, on salads - you name it, we have it - anything with ground beef. It is the favorite food of the family, sometimes even our comfort food. What now? But I appreciate this post, thank you for the information. Lock Alarm


Ground beef is safe if you buy it from safe sources, so you don't need to give it up - but you need to exercise due diligence.

Kairol Rosenthal

On a different note, I just read your comment on Well Blog about running with illness and posted the following reply:

Great to read about the work of Michael Zigmond. I was best friends with Michael’s daughter in high school and spent many evenings sitting around the dinner table with him. Great to know he is doing such good work that will hopefully impact the lives of my two uncles who have Parkinson’s.

Small world! Hope you are doing well,


The Healthy Librarian

Hi Kairol,

Such a small world. So interesting to hear about your connection to Michael Zigmond. I was so impressed with the Frontline segment on Parkinson's, especially the "monkeys on treadmills" research being done at Pitt.

The researchers there were pretty surprised by the behavior of the exercising monkeys--and their fMRIs kind of clinched it.

On a side note: my mom grew up in Pittsburgh--in the Squirrel Hill area--so that's my Pittsburgh connection!

Loved hearing you on Terri Gross' Fresh Air.

Keep up all the good work advocating for young adults with cancer--and for health care coverage!

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