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December 05, 2009



I really like all the info you included. There are so many short lists out there, and I always appreciate that you take the time to include specifics. Your blog is one of my favorites!


I think you are at the exact right level for detail. You give us the basics, in easy to understand language, and how it applies to real life. I love your blog for this reason.

About broccoli sprouts: It's much cheaper to sprout your own, and it's really easy. Check out I also grow greens all winter here in AZ - definitely a cheaper, safer, fresher way to go - and DELICIOUS!

I made your Italian Wedding Soup several times in the past few weeks. I used Field Roast Italian Sausage instead of the meat balls - OMG. It was absolutely wonderful.


What great news about black raspberries! Good motivation for me to get out and harvest them from the loads of black raspberry bushes on our WV property. The berries are small and usually not very sweet -- I guess this is not too unusual for wild berries. We also have a slew of blackberry bushes and got a good harvest of the most perfect blackberries this past July and August. They're long gone now of course, but this news may get me to try freeze-drying some for long winter months.

I'll have to read the dandelion news a few more times before I feel up to harvesting those. As I understand it, the early spring greens, before the flowers bloom, are more palatable.

Have you tried making your own broccoli sprouts? I wonder why the Johns Hopkins variety are the only ones verified to have those properties.

This post had just the right amt of detail for me. I particularly appreciate your careful attention to the recommended amts of these foods.

Thanks so much for the wonderful info you always have.


Thanks for the post (as always!). I think you have the amount of detail just right. Thanks for your hard work, your blog is one of my favorite places to drop by and hang out.


I think the length is just right, with the right amount of info, and option to click through if more info is desired. Thanks (again) for all your efforts! I only wish that the new "superfoods" were a little more easily obtainable in my neck of the woods.

Beth Bradford

As a health economist and epidemiologist, I am so appreciative of the amount of information you provide in all of your posts. I frequently recommend and email your posts to friends and colleagues. As a middle aged woman who just wants to try and have a happy healthy long life, I appreciate reading about your discoveries, your successes, opinions and how you put your research into real life. Please don't change a thing! I love the amount of details and especially your tweaks to recipes. Thanks again for all of your work. Just know that it is meaningful.


The right amount of info to state your case, and the opportunity to dig deeper, makes your presentation perfect. I also enjoy your friendly approach. I envision a friend, not a scientist or lecturer, on your end.

Ellen MacDonald

I just signed up for your emails and this was a fabulous introduction! The amount of information was great, I read it all! Thank you!

m. bornstein

yes, i appreciate all the info.and all the time and effort you put into this blog. i have learned much from it. i am especially grateful for learning about fuhrman and esselstyne. thank-you.

a question---why the emphasis on branded sprouts? i would guess that any sprouted broccoli would offer approximately the same benefits.


I agree - the amount of information is just perfect. I have recommended your blog over and over again, as a good source for the 'back story' of things that we hear about in the news. Thank you for all that you do, and for the encouragement that you are to all of us out here trying to make good sense of what we hear.


Yup--- love your blog. Thank you for doing this and sharing your discoveries in the way you do. Happy Holidays!

The Healthy Librarian

Elizabeth, Rick, Elaine, Beth, Babs, Ellen, Carrie, Betsy, M. Bornstein, Jeann, & Kim:

Thanks so much all your wonderful feedback, and taking the time to comment. Very helpful, and much appreciated.

Kim: Thanks for the link to a sprouting source! Haven't done my own sprouting in over 30 years--but I'm definitely ready to try making my own broccoli sprouts! Even if the seeds don't have the same nutrient value as Brocco Sprouts by Johns Hopkins.

Betsey & M. Bornstein: The reason that Johns Hopkins patented & licensed their Brocco Sprouts is to make certain it's made with sprouts that have the highest amount of SGS--there is great variability in the nutritional content & quality among sprouts--and to make certain that the safest handling practices are used in its processing.

Sprouts have been associated with e coli & other food borne diseases when not properly handled.

After reading through many research articles that tested benefits of various food products--it's clear to me that it's important for researchers to have a reliable source--where the vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, nutrients, whatever--are all going to be the same--and that's not easy. A product is affected by the nutrients in the ground where it's grown--the climate, etc.

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