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January 26, 2010


Ken Leebow

Thanks for the great post. I will reference it at my website:

Kindest regards,

Ken Leebow
Feed Your Head


Just found your blog and love it. You write about health topics so close to my interests- exercise, vit D, veganism among them.

I would like to make a gentle criticism regarding your weight machine photo and exercises you chose. Machines which isolate particular muscles and movements have little benefit to everyday life. Also sitting down to exercise somewhat defeats the point. I do see that you do other types of exercise which is great, but why do any that aren't useful?

The type of exercise I recommend is called "functional fitness" or more particularly "functional strength." My favorite illustration is picking up a child and putting her in a car. No machine is going to train you for that, but exercises that involve the entire body, moving in different directions, and balance will.

I cover the topic in Don't sit down, please and other posts labeled exercise.

Positive Massage Therapy

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