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March 22, 2010


K Jones

I tend to try to have my large meal midday rather than in the evening. I wonder if the results hold in this scenario (i.e., if taking Vitamin D midday would give more absorption if that's the largest meal), or if the results might also relate to differences in our physiology and metabolism at different times of day.

Cynthia Bailey MD

This is really helpful information to get out to all the vitamin D taking folks out there. I'd recommend: take your vitamin D with your biggest, most fatty meal of the day-whatever that is.

Thanks for the heads up.
Cynthia Bailey MD


Same question - my largest meal is usually lunch - sometimes breakfast! I always assumed the Vitamin D should be with that day's "highest fat content" meal, and the next day's could be less than 24 hours later, depending on how the meals were planned. True? Or should this really be with dinner.


Interesting article, would say that these findings concerning absorption of vitamin D usually may be generalized to absorption of other vitamins, minerals or meds. When your stomach is geared up processing a large meal there is likely to be greater absorption rather than just passing through. As vitamin D is fat soluble, as Dr. Baily points out you would expect greatest absorption when digesting a fatty meal.

Would make the case that if possible it is likely be best to get vitamin D from modest sun exposure. For one, this is how the body has expected it for thousands of years and may be adapted to it in ways we haven't yet uncovered, while exposure to bright sunlight has other benefits for instance related to mood. While I have never read anything on it I would have to speculate that a sun induced sweat is also likely healthy. But again, to paraphrase Aristotle, "everything in moderation."

Paul Maher, MD MPH


Just as a quick follow-on to last comment looks at the link between multiple sclerosis and UV radiation. Haven't read the study so don't want to say too much just that it was the author's conclusions that while UV radiation was increasing vit D levels in mice and did decrease MS symptoms it was not the change in vit D levels that was responsible for the protective effect.


The Healthy Librarian


Interesting article--thanks for pointing it out. As in most everything related to vitamins, antioxidants, etc.--reductionistic science always leaves out some "special" ingredient that only nature can provide. The problem is--if you live up north, there is no sun for 7 months of the year--taking vitamin D is the only option.

Dr. Bruce Hollis had fantastic results with the pregnant moms who took 4000 IUs of vitamin D--prevented infections of pregnancy, and preterm births.

He is very excited about the research on MS & vitamin D being done by Dr. George Ebers. In this case, moms who lack vitamin D during pregnancy trigger the MS gene in their children.

The Healthy Librarian


No doubt about it--vitamin D from the sun is definitely the best way to get it. As you mention--according to Dr. Michael Hollick vitamin D's effect on mood only "works" with sun exposure--not from vitamin D capsules.

The Healthy Librarian


It's the largest-fattiest meal. There's nothing magical about dinner. Licata just wanted to simplify the instruction--and made the assumption that for his patients dinner would be the largest, fattiest meal of the day.

So your assumption is right. Dr. Bailey has it exactly right-- "take your vitamin D with your biggest, most fatty meal of the day-whatever that is."

Louisa Rogers

I love your blog and check it daily! And sadly, new posts don't arrive as often as I'd like. For myself, I'd prefer shorter, less detailed blogs delivered more often. But then, I realize you are a medical librarian, after all, and what you specialize in is meticulous research. Still, I'd sacrifice some of the detail for frequency. Just one reader's preference.

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