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April 03, 2010


Kim Cornman

I'm personally a fan of the Takata method....high intensity interval training...extremely effective for me.

The Healthy Librarian


Please tell us more. I've never heard of the Takata method. This is all new to me.


It really works well for me too, but it is spelled Tabata (with a "b" instead of a "k"), so google that instead. Basically it's eight 20 second "all out" sprints (if running) with 10 second rests in between them. My entire Tabata workout is only 4 minutes from start to finish.

research scientist

What you said about your daughter and you doing spinning classes while you loose 2 times as few calories - doesn't make any sense! As we know from physics - calorie is the equivalent for energy spent - so basically if you rotate your bicycle pedals with as many RPMs as your daughter and the friction level is the same - you will spend the same amount of energy i.e. calories. It has nothing to do with a heart rate unless lower heart rate doesn't allow you to work out as hard as she can.

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