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April 11, 2010



I was wondering about that recipe. I love sardines and swiss chard, but I found it hard to imagine what they would taste like together. I'll have to give it a try.


Hey Sis, this is too weird! Just two weeks ago I gave sardines a try. I ate them straight from the can--nothing added. They are not my favorite. Maybe I'll give them one more try in a recipe. beth


Because I work out early in the morning, I want a light breakfast before I leave the house. So every morning I have sardines on Whole Foods woven wheat crackers and a hard-boiled egg...good fat(Omega 3 EPA and DHA) whole grains, and protein.
My co-op just started carrying Wild Planet wild sardines "sustainably caught along the California coast" in a BPA-free can.
I admit the sardines are a little hard to face in the morning, but they taste great!

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks for the tip on the BPA free can from Wild Planet. I'll look for it. Not sure I'm ready to eat sardines "straight up" yet--but they were fantastic in the gratin!


I am a huge fan of your blog, and I tried the dandelion greens in a soup the other day, but they were SO bitter. Any suggestions for improving the flavor would be appreciated! I may have just gotten a particularly bitter batch. I did a Google search and the suggestions were to boil for 20 minutes and the bitterness would go away, but the bitterness was still there after almost 40 minutes!


Very pleased to have found your blog. I have just stopped eating meat and dairy after reading 'The China Study' and 'Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease'It was our first Christmas without meat although we allowed ourselves some dairy products just for a day.

I so wish I had known of this earlier in my life. I am 64 and my husband is 69. I just hope it is soon enough to make a difference.

I am really enjoying the new food we eat I think it is much more interesting that the meat ad 2 veg we normally ate. Have always eaten vegetables and fruit though.

I was very interested in the omega 3 omega 6 study you posted showing how omega 6 in excess gives you belly fat. Now I know where it came from!
Glad to hear I can still use canola and eat walnuts with my muesli though.

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