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April 06, 2010



This statin promotion for healthy people reminds of the aspirin situation.

For the last few years it was recommended to take a low dose aspirin daily to prevent heart disease. Recently it has been strongly recommended not to so due to the risk of internal bleeding and because it does not prevent cardiovascular disease deaths. See

So, aspirin a drug that is least a century old has been the subject of such a volte face and statins - relatively new drugs - are now also being recommended as a daily requirement for healthy people.

I think it best to wait a few years for more evidence and even then always to prefer lifestyle interventions in preference.

Ken Leebow

Thank you for your information.

You have some excellent quotes and I'd like to add some more:

It’s much easier to do prevention than treatment. - Dr. Michael Roizen

Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger. - Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Exercise is better than any drug or anything else we have for aging. There's no downside. If this were a drug, it would be the safest, most effective drug in the universe. Dr. James O. Hill

It's unfortunate that our environment has gotten so bad that we have to depend on drugs.

Dr. Esselstyn was instrumental for me in obtaining knowledge about "normal" cholesterol. Most people go by the standard of 200. With diet and lifestyle changes, I got mine down from 202 to 155 in a few months. It's not that hard.

Ken Leebow

Gael in Vermont

Again, a wonderful posting Deb. I want to be a medical librarian in my next life!
I don't know how these pharma people sleep at reminds me of the NPR piece on osteopenia and the drugs that followed that "diagnosis." It's unconscionable. I was placed on Lipitor after fighting it for years, low dosage, because of family history and high cholesterol. I took it for a bit then switched to Red Yeast Rice with the sanction of both PCP and naturopath. Numbers have come down BUT this past summer I leaned heavily into a gluten-free and plant based diet and now LOVE IT and the way I feel. I just had blood work done last week (no results yet) but am very curious to see the numbers. After months on this diet and drinking my green smoothies from my monster Vita-Mix, I expect to see quite a difference. I wholeheartedly agree that our modern society would love to just take a pill and make everything go away. Unfortunately, things usually get more complicated.

The Healthy Librarian

That was my point--guess I didn't make it clearly. She can get her heart rate up much higher than I can--because she is 30 years younger. She can stay in the 160 range and be working in an aerobic range--while, I'd be anaerobic if I was in the 160 range--and couldn't maintain it for as long as she could.

Postive Massage Therapy

My own narrow professional perspective is to remind anyone in the bodywork or fitness business that if a client presents any of common symptoms, statin use should be explored.

For better or worse, it is often the front-line workers who people tell about medical conditions first.
Positive Massage Therapy

tom wil

after taking the drug pravastatin in 3/09, for high cholesterol, it affected an old injury received 40+ years ago. my eye has become very swollen, painful, developed a sore that continuously drains and now i’m unable to see clearly out of that eye

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