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May 07, 2010


Chris G.

Given the results were with regard to coffee on an empty stomach, its leaves open questions regarding the impact of coffee on a full stomach. I'd guess most health conscious folks are not skipping breakfast given the well-known health effects associated with that practice. I'd guess this would somewhat mitigate the effects on blood vessel dilation. In addition to weighing the anti-oxidant effects of coffee, the mental and even physical performance benefits of caffeine are obvious and substantial. In the final analysis, if coffee is my single vice, I'll willing to live with it.

The Healthy Librarian

I've got to agree with you, Chris, and I've got my cup of 1/2 French Roast & 1/2 decaf right next to me as I'm typing this. I just love my coffee!


Yes, and I'll third those comments! When I first read the part about coffee I thought "No! Please no! Not my coffee!".

I've given up or reduced a lot of things, but coffee would be really difficult.

I believe coffee has also been shown to be of benefit with regard to dementia and diabetes?


I have given up meat, poultry, fish and dairy and fats, including vegetable fats, which includes olive oil and canola oil. I am just not ready to give up my morning coffee. I note that the article was about coffee on an empty subject, which I admit to adoring, so I try to eat something not too long after getting up.
I am married. My husband makes the coffee every morning -- nothing very exciting but with caffeine. He says he will not make decaf. I am not ready to buy a small coffee maker and start brewing my own. I will do it when I can talk myself into it, but frankly, I have done a lot to improve my heart. I will not be able to give up coffee right away, though I do respect the research.

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