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July 13, 2010



Did you ever try doing something with the pureed pumpkin and chia pudding? If so how did it go?
Inspired by "I heart Trader Joe's" cookbook, I bought a bunch of cans of organic pumpkin from TJ's as a seasonal item that the author stockpiles and now I'm wondering what the heck to do with it. . .
Also I prescribe Chia to patients all the time and new ways to use it is great. I'm testing out chia fresca on myself this week.


A teaspon of decaf instant coffee added to the chocolate mousse is good!


help...confused...have read both esselstyn and ornish and am on whole food, plant based diet. think i understand that the body only needs approx 14 grams of total fat per day and i am only taking in 15 to 20 (10% to cal.) but ornish charts suggest i need 28 to 30 for my body wt. and exercise. i can't get that much fat off a plant based diet w/o adding high fat plants (soy,etc) and i prefer not to do that. Is there a minimum amt. of fat below which there are problems???

Healthy Librarian

Dr. Neal Barnard, recommends getting 20-30 grams of fat per day.

Dr. Esselstyn doesn't aim for any minimum, as far as I know--just no added oils, no nuts, no seed, no soy (except the light variety)--I think on his plan one would be getting something like 9-12% fat--and all his patient are thriving.

Hope this helps. This latest post of mine talks about how much is needed to absorb vitamin A:

Gene Roberts

I started the Esselstyn diet last week.It was hell until today.Irritable etc.I always watch what I eat and have fish five days a week,chicken once.Never fried obviously.No breads at all.My cholesterol numbers are excellent however two Heart Cam CT's should five areas of plaque.
Now I am trying this and today seems fine.My wife made me a vegetable soup with basil and garlic.Added some whole grain brown rice and it really tastes great.
I still have my red wine every day.
I was wondering why Esseltyn eliminates fish from the diet.Does anyone know?
I have a pond that has delicious Bass with no mercury.


Thank you so much for your great recipes and this informative blog. I have a question about almond milk. I'm enjoying using the plain unsweetened on my cereal, but I'm a little confused as to why we can drink almond milk but we cannot eat nuts. Doesn't almond milk contain a concentrated amount of almonds/almond oil? Should I limit the amount I use per day?

Peggy Harris

I am a new vegan (about three months), eating a no oil, plant-based diet with lots of greens, fruits and a few whole grains. My question is about dha versus ala. The dha form of omega-3, which is animal based, is said by many to be necessary for optimal human health. Even the best algae-based omega-3 supplements are still the ala form. I stopped taking fish oil at the beginning of this diet because I noticed my fish oil capsules had 75 mg. of cholesterol, and the reason I began all of this was to lower my cholesterol. Now I'm wondering if I should take the fish oil after all. The experts all conflict with each other.

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