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July 27, 2010



I love your blog and have been following your adventures with interest. I went to the University of Cincinnati, and that photo looks like the inside of Myra's Dionysus(even though I haven't seen it for 15+ years!) Is it??

Joe Boys

Hi____ I've been reading your HHLL Posts for at least six months. I really learn from them - you provide great new unique perspective on many issues. I teach in our School of Public Health - am a researcher, runner, professor. Not an MD. Thanks to your alert on Forks-vs-Knives, I took two of my grad students to the advance screening of film that PCRM provided here in DC. I understand the science here. I've tried the plant-based diet for past for short period. I have been a fish-vegetarian for many years. So I stopped fish and cut out oils and nuts. I found I had less energy when running and my sleep was disturbed because my BPH was acting up - getting up about 4-5 times a nite to wee. The old mans disease - I am 71 (still run marathons, about 3 per year). Arthritis in my l knee also started giving me more pain. So I added in some wild caught salmon and fresh trout for two nites. My BPH problem was cured first nite after eating salmon. My l knee pain resolved second day after trout. And I feel like I have more energy. I know this is a study of one; but my sleep is really important to my well being. And running is my medicine for both body and soul. My wife fears she could not live with me, if I did not run. Running connects me to my higher power and brings me peace. So I see two concerns with the Plant Based diet. First, there may be more to oily fish than we understand. Fish is definitely a key to reducing risk for SCD - it seems to prevent the dangerous arrhythmias that are killing increasing numbers of Americans each year. Is it the Omega-3 or more. The docs at Duke (Lipid Lab there) have powerful evidence supporting benefit of fish and Omega-3. Second, I feel a bit nervous when I see the significant drop in your HDL following 4-weeks on the plant-based diet. I understand what Dr. E is saying about the vascular system and your endothelial lining. But I believe many cardiologists there with him in the Cleveland Clinic would share my apprehension over the significant drop in your HDL.
Anyway, I do love your posts. They always give me something new to think about - a new way to look at things. And I do use YOU and your Posts in my teaching frequently. Thank you. And pls give my respects to your runner husband.
With respect and love, Joe Boys

Healthy Librarian

Thanks for your good comments, Joe. I definitely hear what you are saying about the omega-3s--and the drop in my HDLs, but then I've read a number of articles (can't cite them off the top of my head) that also say HDLs aren't as protective as we like to think they are--there are many other factors to also consider. I've always rationalized that I didn't need to think about my cholesterol, or my family history because my HDLs are high--but no Dr. (including a preventive cardiologist) ever looked at them and said--"Your HDLs are great. No need to worry about your LDLs" They basically didn't even consider them.

I didn't mention this specifically in this post--but (unlike Dr. E) I do take a very high quality molecularly distilled fish oil supplement--which would give me more than the equivalent of eating wild salmon every day. Plus I use chia seed & flax--another source of omega-3s.

I can honestly say, if there is one food that I miss, and that I would consider adding back, it would be wild salmon.

I agree with you re exercise--I would never want to give it up!

Healthy Librarian

Hey Julie,

You're absolutely right! It was Myra's! We also ate at a Korean place (Riverside?) in Covington! The chef prepared the only dish on the menu that was oil-free & vegan. It was a winner!

Hank Roberts

"The predictive value of HDL cholesterol all but disappeared with treatment-induced low levels of LDL, according to a new analysis of data from a large trial of lipid-lowering therapy...."

Joan K.

I attended a lecture by Dr. Godfrey Getz at the University of Chicago in June, where he spoke about his research on HDL 2 and HDL 3. Is this a relatively new subject for research? One of them, I forget which, does not appear to have an effect on heart health in the way we always thought. Your health may depend on which kind you have. He also mentioned a population of postmenopausal women that have high HDL's, but I forget the significance of that also or if it is significant at all for heart health. Obviously, all of this is very complicated. Glad to hear your results! JK

Healthy Librarian

Hi Joan,

Thanks for this valuable lead re HDL. I vaguely remembered reading (and more than once) that there was newer research re understanding HDL numbers, and more than meets the eye. It isn't the "savior" we once thought it was. Plus, remember Rudel's research where high HDL in monkeys (a type very similar to humans) offered no protection at all in preventing atherosclerosis. My mom also had very decent HDLs (& she never exercised), and atherosclerosis, heart disease, and strokes. I will definitely check further into Getz' research.


like you, i start each day with steel cut oats and fruit...but now i see that oats have a high omega 6 profile. what are your thoughts about this?

Healthy Librarian


I always top them with a TBS or 2 of flax meal or chia (my favorite) & according to experts like Dr. Bill Lands that "balances" the omega-6's of the oats. But, notice how little n-6 oats have compared to the oils! And n-6 isn't all bad--we do need them--just not an overload of them.


Are there any cookbooks you're finding particularly valuable as you cook with no added fat?

Jenna Taylor, M.D.

Hello! Great post and personal story! I have enjoyed reading your adventures into the plant-based nutrition world quite a great deal! Thank you so very much for sharing. I'm a physician who advocates a plant based diet and I recently started a blog & website (with a close friend) as a resource for those considering transitioning to a plant based diet. We are also doing something very similar to what you have done here on your own (which is very impressive!). We are having our own mini- trial will consist of people who currently eat a "traditional" American diet that are between the ages of 30-45 who are consider themselves "healthy". For 60 days they will adopt a plant-based diet. We will do baseline blood work on them before they start as well as carotid ultrasounds. We will follow them throughout their journey and they will blog on the experience. At the 30 day (midpoint) mark and the 60 day (final) mark we will do the same tests to compare results. All baseline, midpoint and endpoint results will be shared along with their personal stories. When I came across your blog today, I emailed all the participants a link to it!

I think that your story and results could be very helpful to many people considering this lifestyle. By chance would you be interested in letting me share your journey on my site (we have a personal stories and testimonials page) with a link to yours of course? Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. Feel free to email me. I have filed in my contact info here and I have an email link on my site as well. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day. Kindest Regards, Jenna (

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