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August 07, 2010


Kim Cornman

My fiance and I (who just started the Engine 2 diet) were discussing this just today. While neither of us has a family history of heart disease, we both have antecedents with forms of dementia. Since we found each other later in life (we turn 50 next year) we are both VERY interested in reducing the risks for chronic illnesses associated with aging: to be together - healthy and happy - for a long time!

We were also discussing a recent NY Times article on testing for early markers for Alzheimers. (

We both agreed that we would want to know earlier, to take whatever steps could be taken to stave off dementia for as long as possible.

In the meantime, it's Esselstyn (both father and son!) and exercise for us!

Cynthia Bailey MD

Another amazing 'heads up' from you on what's new in 'preventable health problems'.

I have observed over the years that my elderly patients who stay physically active are not just more physically nimble, but also mentally sharper. They've been motivational for me in my life. It's fun to see science beginning to substantiate this.

Off to spin class tonight after work, whether I'm in the mood or not!

Alan Pomeroy

This all passes the "common sense" test. A couple of years ago a friend gave me a copy of "Younger Next Year". It has really helped me understand the science and the blueprint necessary for incorporating exercise into my daily life.

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