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August 26, 2010


Kim Cornman

I'm with you, Debby - my cooking is much more varied and interesting now. Some of the best dishes in the world are plant based! Even without oil and sausage red beans and rice is still delicious! Oil free stir-fries and whole grains! Salads! Soups! All wonderful plant based and oil free. I make my own whole grain tortilla chips from Ezekiel tortillas - they taste better than anything on the market, IMHO. My body doesn't like soy, so tofu and tempeh (and lots of the fake meat products) are out, but yesterday my honey made soft tacos with beans and rice and seitan, and added some spinach, too. The wonderful thing about eating plant based and oil-free is that I don't have to count calories at all. I'm eating as much as I want whenever I am hungry (and yes, without much fat or oil you WILL get hungry, but hunger is the best seasoning, I always say) and still losing weight.

Catherine Vivio

May I offer a little criticism? You are using the question "Who knew?" too often.

Thank you for your very interesting, informative and attractive web mailings.

Norway, MI


I enjoy your posts, especially your reports about your dietary changes and their effects. RE: your pesky cholesterol numbers that don't seem to be decreasing despite elimination of oils, meat, etc. I wonder if you have considered eliminating wheat, and even oatmeal. Dr. William Davis at his Heart Scan Blog reasons that oatmeal is not really heart healthy Denise Minger at her blog Raw Food SOS is currently exploring the connection between wheat and heart disease using China Study data . Her statistical analyses are way over my head, I'm afraid. I'd be very interested in any thoughts you might have about wheat and oatmeal and whether you're interested in further experimenting on yourself to see whether eliminating those dietary components finally nudge your cholesterol numbers down to where you think they should be. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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