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August 15, 2010


Ken Leebow

Thanks for mentioning satiety. Most people do not. It is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy weight.

You've also addressed two very important findings ...

Contrary to popular belief:
1. Eating properly is not boring
2. You can eat more and lose weight


Ken Leebow

Ellen @ I Am Gluten Free

As someone who continues to follow a gluten free, vegan lifestyle, I would love to see a weeks' worth of menus (all meals, even the grazing ones) that you follow. It would help me see the bigger picture and motivate me as well. Any chance you could post something like that??!!! It would be VERY helpful!!!

Gael in Vermont

As we all tweak our diets here and there to improve things, we can concur on many things. Grazing is my usual mode of eating especially during the summer (when I'm not teaching). When school is in session, there are "scheduled" eating times so it's often difficult to graze. Just this morning though, the ladies on The View were interviewing a gentleman who had lost over 200 pounds on The Biggest Loser and he still continues to lose...his secret is grazing! The no-added oil inspiration has crept into my house as well...I've cut out avocadoes (I used to eat a half daily!, I've cut out nuts and my delish almond butter, and my Earth Balance spread. I have not gone as far as you, Deb, but I have cut down considerably on oil and have even made the no-tahini hummus! You keep me challenged! Thank you SO much.
E.P.L...on the calendar for Thursday with all the girls. Can't wait.
And about the music connection, I've known that for years...coulda saved Univ. of Maryland thousands of dollars in grant money ;-)


Just checking in with you that I am still going strong with a short 24 hour break to celebrate our 25th anniversary at a very special place (I did not keep the diet during our stay there...) BUT have now lost 15 pounds in 7 weeks and feel great. I still crave a bit of butter but not much else. Rather amazing. Thanks for everything.

Healthy Librarian


As always, thanks for your positive feedback and sage advice!


Excellent suggestion! I'll definitely try to do that one of these days in the near future. Your gluten-free restriction certainly adds another hurdle to the whole picture. I know you do use oils & nuts, so that does make things a bit easier. Your recent pancake recipe sounds delicious!


Wow! That's amazing how much you've changed your diet. So...what's your verdict? Not so difficult is it? Interesting story about the fellow on the View. Enjoy EPL! Wishing you an excellent school year.


Happy milestone anniversary! OMG!!! 15 lbs? AMAZING! Congrats. Would love to hear more details. Just keep on keeping on. Fantastic that you could easily get right back to business after the anniversary celebration. Take my advice, though. Stay far away from Double Rainbow Fat-Free Chocolate Sorbet. Impossible to only eat 1/2 cup!!! Way too delicious.

Chris G.

Great information, as usual. And combining two ideas presented here, eat those potatoes with the peel on so they can fight invaders in you just like they do against soil microbes when they are in the ground

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