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August 03, 2010



Happy Healthy Librarian, I LOVE your blog!! Your enthusiasm really motivates me. I am in the 'contemplation stage' for change!

For sure I'm using the chia drink and going for chia instead of flax--I had forgotten about chia though I have a couple of pounds in the back of my fridge! Great info on Salba.

What is your opinion on using Flax oil as a salad dressing? We not 'into' food and we eat a lot of salads--basically we eat just to stay alive and healthy. I think I will miss olive oil (as you thought you would.) I don't have a Trader Joes here.....and want to avoid canned foods.

Thanks again for your wonderful input!


Many thanks!

Kim Cornman

Hi, Debby, it's Kim (your sprouting friend!)

My fiance and I have embraced the Engine 2 diet (much to my surprise, my carnivore fiance is very enthusiastic!) We are both obese, but hope to be 10% slimmer by our wedding day (December 31st, 2010.)

He travels - ALOT - so I too am working on a good energy bar that will keep him fueled. So I hope you will post your efforts in this direction soon.

Thanks again for your is a godsend.


Hi Happy Healthy Librarian,

Have you tried steaming Ezekiel tortillas before you use them? It makes them so much less dry and much more wrappable. I put a metal steamer in a large saucepan with a little water in the bottom, bring it to a boil, lay in the tortilla, and cover for thirty seconds. Just be careful taking it out -- it will be hot!


Is there any special reason why you use white chia seeds, rather than black ones? I notice one can buy both and that black ones are less expensive. Do they taste different? Have different nutrition values?


Hi HHL, I've been reading your blog for awhile now and really find it interesting. I doubt that I could ever follow such a stringent diet, so more power to you!

I have simple recipe I wanted to pass along, because I think you'd like it: just mix hummus and cooked quinoa. It was good as is, but you could do things like add lettuce and tomatoes and make a wrap, or add vegetables to make it more salad-y, or hot as a filling for burritos, or combined with roasted red peppers in a grilled sandwich.

cynthia bailey md

What a treasure hunt-I got some great ideas here today: chia seeds in water to stave off hunger and get more omega 3 (I'm stopping at the store after work today to buy some), wraps (somehow they aren't on my radar and yet they would be a nice alternative to my lunch of salads and leftovers), the hummus/quinoa idea in the last comment (for my new wrap lunches).

Your blog is a wonderful resource and community of healthy ideas that are 'right up my alley' - I love it!
Cynthia Bailey MD

Healthy Librarian

Hi Michelle,

Salba (white chia) says they have strict nutrient control of their product to assure the high omega-3 content--based on growing conditions, etc. Check their website for the explanation. But bottom line, who knows?

Do some comparison shopping of the nutritional labeling on the white vs black chia seeds. I have used both. Black does look a little less appetizing in my chocolate "chia" pudding than white does. 2 years ago when I first tried Chia here's what I had to say:

How Much Do The Seeds Cost? Which Brand Is Best?

* Chia seeds will set you back much more than flax seed will. Bob's Red Mill Flax costs only $.14 an ounce. I'm not giving up my flax, just adding Chia a few days a week.
* The plain Jane black seed Shiloh Farms brand costs about $.62 an ounce.
* The ChiaLife brand costs about $1.20 an ounce at a local health food store, but $.88 an ounce online.
* Nature's Answer (the brand my sister uses) costs about $.77 an ounce.
* The Salba brand, which was used in Dr. Vuksan's Toronto study costs about $1.25 an ounce. This is a white seed, that the company says is the culmination of 15 years of special breeding and results in a substantially enhanced nutrient density. Who knows? You be your own judge.
* The nutrient content for Salba, Natures' Answer & ChiaLife are all basically the same, so I'm not sure why Salba thinks their product is superior. The Shiloh Farms brand just has basic fiber, carb & protein content on its label, not omega-3 or vitamin & mineral content.
* As far as my taste tests went, they were all the same.

**** UPDATE: When I wrote this post I had only tasted the Salba brand of Chia meal (ground up Chia). I have since tasted the Salba Chia regular seed & I have to say, I really like its taste & texture. If it weren't so expensive it would be my first choice. Maybe the price will come down.


I have been using chia and flax seeds daily. Is there a concern with oil in chia and flax? They really raise my daily fat totals.

The Healthy Librarian

No concern Penny, they're the good kind--high in omega-3s--and it's not the same as industrial expressed oils.

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