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October 15, 2010


Gael in Vermont

Looks like my pantry!
I can't live without Bionaturae GLUTEN-FREE pasta...I think, hands down, it's the BEST gluten-free pasta out there - and I've tasted them all. Most are mushy and tasteless, but Bionaturae is almost identical to real pasta. My friends can't tell the difference. I also must have quinoa... a true staple in my pantry. I know we're working hard towards no-added fat, but sometimes, I get the urge. At those weak times, I can turn to original recipe Veganaise...OMG, tastes like Hellman's to me! Love the stuff, but I don't use it too often. I'm trying to be good! Is the Ezekial bread gluten-free??????

Healthy Librarian

Thanks for the tip about Bionaturae having gluten free pasta--I didn't know that! My friend Barb will be happy to hear that. Some Ezekiel products are gluten-free but you have to look at the labels--they have an English muffin & tortilla that are gluten-free. Totally understand the urge for something like Veganaise every once in a while! I agree about the Quinoa as a pantry staple.


A 7 piece of the Kinetic Go Green Premium Food Storage Containers can be bought at Amazon for $24.99.

Ellen @ I Am Gluten Free

I was given the green bags (Mrs. Mayer's???…not sure) by a friend and didn't use them for about a year. I finally tried them a few weeks ago and it didn't take long for me to realize they work like a charm. However, I agree with you about the nuisance of washing them out etc. I've seen the Go Green plastic boxes and can understand why you'd think they are fantastic. I'll defiintely pick up a set now that I've tried the bags. The boxes will be so much more convenient!


This is a fantastic list - thanks! That pizza looks wonderful.

The only pantry item I can add is nutritional yeast. It's definitely an acquired taste but now that I've acquired it, I like to sprinkle it on broccoli or kale, along with fresh lemon juice. Whole Foods carries little jars of Red Star.

I did a quick look about silver nanoparticles (couldn't resist) and saw the link below. I hadn't realized how prevalent this technology is - I never even heard of it until I read your post. It's in socks and washing machines (!) as well as your containers. Maybe you already found this - ?
Silver Nanoparticles May Be Killing Beneficial Bacteria In Wastewater Treatment.

According to Zhiqiang Hu, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering in MU's College of Engineering: "Because of the increasing use of silver nanoparticles in consumer products, the risk that this material will be released into sewage lines, wastewater treatment facilities, and, eventually, to rivers, streams and lakes is of concern." "We found that silver nanoparticles are extremely toxic. The nanoparticles destroy the benign species of bacteria that are used for wastewater treatment. It basically halts the reproduction activity of the good bacteria."
Hu said silver nanoparticles generate more unique chemicals, known as highly reactive oxygen species, than do larger forms of silver. These oxygen species chemicals likely inhibit bacterial growth. For example, the use of wastewater treatment "sludge" as land-application fertilizer is a common practice, according to Hu. If high levels of silver nanoparticles are present in the sludge, soil used to grow food crops may be harmed.



I picked up a bag of the Ian's breadcrumbs today and look forward to trying them! What else do you use them in? I'd also like to suggest Pyrex or other glass containers for travelware. Heavier than plastic but no plastic to leach into your food provided you don't add steaming food or fill too high. Even BPA-free plastic leaches xenoestrogens (estrogen-like substances) and other harmful compounds. Glass cleans like a charm, too!


re: plastic containers...Wht do you use to take lunch to work? Is it safe to heat up lunch in plastic containers in the microwave?

Healthy Librarian

MG--Thanks for the gentle reminder about the benefits of glass. I keep glass containers in my desk drawer at work to heat things up--but don't use it for travel ware or home storage--because of weight & it's harder to have enough containers to store all my leftover. Maybe I need to reconsider.

Pam--I use plastic to carry things--but never put anything hot in them--and never heat things up in them. Big No-No. I keep a glass bowl, and a smaller square glass conainer with a glass lid at work for heating in the microwave.


Where did you buy the glass-lidded container? I have one that I'd guess is from the 1950s. My mom balked about switching to glass but once she did has not looked back. Plastic leaches to a degree even at room or cooler temp, although heat does make a big difference. I'm not sure if re-using plastic causes it to leach at a greater rate or not.

Healthy Librarian

MG--My sister bought me a 3-sized set at Crate & Barrel about 1 1/2 years ago. They are fantastic. When I was there this summer to pickup more they said they were discontinued. Darn. Instead they just have glass containers with plastic lids. You're right--the glass-lids were definitely 1950's.

I did get a Pyrex set with plastic lids from Costco--but the sizes are all graduated--not really what I was after for everyday storage.

Chris G.

I've recently have been adding organic Hemp Seed protein powder for green smoothies. I swore I'd never do such a thing, but I was concerned with how much protein I was getting in my plant-based diet and my nearly all carb smoothies. The nutritional profile of this stuff is amazing. Omega 3 : Omega 6 at 1:4, all the carbs from fiber (8g per serving = 30% of RDA), a full complement of amino acids, B-vitamins, and it tastes fine. Kind of nutty. Perhaps it will surprise you to?

Healthy Librarian

Hi Chris,

So interesting that you've added the hemp protein. I started thinking the same thing--because I do exercise almost daily. I actually picked up something called "Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50" at Whole Foods about a month ago. 15 grams of protein in 4 TBS, 130 calories--but I've only used it once--no particular reason.

I like the nutrient breakdown of your hemp better--less fat, less calories.

So..the $64,000 question. What do you think about it so far--re how you feel? Let me know. I value your opinions.

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