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October 05, 2010



That Penne looks amazing. Where can I get a hold of the recipe?

Healthy Librarian

I'll post it tonight. I keep meaning to--but never get around to it! I love it and it lasts all week long. 9 X 13 pan of deliciousness.


Keep the recipe/food-based posts coming! I love them and can't wait to start making some of them when I have just a bit more time on my Radiology rotation next month!


Agreed, the recipes -- from YOU -- are very helpful.
You're taking care they address the basic issue -- dietary omega-6 intake.

More recipes would be good.

Super-simple "backpacker" recipes would be great.
Curry powder recipes would be welcome.

Any idea how much omega-6 remains in the powdered peanut butter?
Any other "nut flour" varieties known or coming?
How to they remove the oils, and how completely.

Healthy Librarian


According to Dr. Lands, each food product has to be laboratory tested to figure out the omega-3 & omega-6 content.

I did find info on the Nutrition Data site, however, for defatted peanut flour. This link may just revert to 1 cup--so switch it to 1 ounce.

This applies to 1 ounce of defatted peanut flour: omega-3 content is unknown, and the omega-6 for 1 ounce is 40 mg. Not so bad compared to the real thing.
There seems to be a strong relationship between fat & omega-6 content.

Re how the flour is defatted--I'm sure you are referring to the chemical that's been written about lately--can't recall the name. I have no idea how the TJ or PB2 powdered peanut flour is defatted, but I do know that if a product has "Organic" on its label, it can't be defatted with a chemical. I'm personally not worried about how the flour was defatted--I think the articles you are referring to were sensational journalism. IMHO.

Susan Cascone

Dear Debby. Thank you for reminding me about the recipes in Dr. Esselstyn's book. I, also became more interested in the written word than the recipes. But how do you find the nutritional breakdown of recipes?

I consider that important information which this book and Veganomicon (borrowed from the local library) doesn't offer.

Again thank you for all the information you so generously give us. Susan

Healthy Librarian

Rest assured, all of the Esselstyn recipes will be super low in fat, and super high in fiber & vitamins. Most will also be low in calories.

I plug all the ingredients I use for my recipes into a website called: It lets me add specific new products, when they aren't in their database--which is pretty extensive. I can also save my recipes & their nutritional info. It does have a monthly fee.

I agree with you--I want to see the nutritional info.


I am sure I would love Ann's recipes but they are for a crowd....not just a couple servings. Do you know where I can plug them in and reduce the size? Love your blog. I am a new wannabe vegan. I do well for a week, then have a off the wagon day. Rip's recipes are the same for a crowd. Thanks

The Healthy Librarian

I'm cooking a 1/2 recipe of the Orange Soup now in my crockpot. I'll let you know how it turns out. You can easily scale recipes for 8 down to 4 by cutting everything in half. The soup freezes well. We cook for just two & it worked for us.

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