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October 06, 2010



Please keep the recipes coming! They are so inspiring to me as I try to apply this way of eating in a family of five. I'm heading to the market now for veggies for Ann's yellow soup. I'll let you know how it goes....

(Also, do you have any thoughts on the healthfulness of non-stick vs. Cast-iron pans? I use my beloved All-Clad nonstick skillet daily, but have been talking with people about cast-iron. Just wondering.)


This looks delicious! Thank you for using Nasoya tofu! I have shared the recipe with our fans on the Nasoya facebook page.

Nasoya - Abby

Beverly Alexander

Tomorrow we attend a neighborhood dinner and thought I'd do a trial run tonight.

It was good (I made the recipe as-is) - but thought it needed something. It WAS amazing that something could seem so rich without appreciable fat.


1)Keep recipe as is, but add a healthy dose of spinach and mushrooms, and decrease the bread crumbs - I thought the amount was excessive - and I did measure!

2) Or make it more like regular lasagna: layer the filling with lasagna noodles (maybe leave out the pumpkin?), mushrooms, spinach, and a nice zingy marinara.

I think I will try to do it with a marinara version soon.


Healthy Librarian

Thanks Carrie! Hope they like the soup. I also really wanted to get a cast iron pan. My son swears by his, and he stopped using all of his non-stick Calphalon. But, when I asked him how it would work without using any oil, he said that the food would stick. Plus, they do need special care--he has to soak his, sprinkle it with salt to get stuck food off, & he never uses anything abrasive on it. I'm happy with my non-teflon non-stick Cuisinart pan that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond. I never use spray on it, because that can ruin the non-stick surface.

Thanks Abby, for posting the recipe on Nasoya's Facebook site. Loved seeing it there!

Nice to hear from you Bev! Brave lady, trying out a recipe for a neighborhood dinner. Glad it worked out well--and I love your suggestions. Yes, I agree about leaving out the pumpkin if you make a zingy marina lasagna! Thanks for writing & experimenting.

Bev Alexander

Follow up to my previous post on the penne pasta recipe:

For the neighborhood dinner, I decided to make a lasagna, using the tofu filling with a bit of adaptation. I put the tofu, garlic, lemon juice, etc. (used 1/2 can sweet potato puree and oregano) in food processor. Came out tasting like ricotta.

I was in a hurry, so I used the Trader Joe No-Boil Lasagna noodles. I layered them in a full-size lasagna pan with TJ Organic Marinara, the tofu-ricotta, lots of sliced mushrooms and lots of TJ Organic frozen spinach which is cheaper than fresh (I whacked the bag so that it wasn't in big lumps. Didn't use a whole bag.) Last layer was sauce and I gently poured on a bit of water, since the noodles had not been boiled. Baked 45 minutes @ 375 degrees.

Boy, was that a hit! No one, my husband included, could believe that this was a vegan, non-fat dish! Yummy yummy yummy.

I think that the original penne pasta dish would also be improved with mushrooms and spinach and fewer bread crumbs.

Bev Alexander


Cuisinart Green Gourmet (Bed Bath & Beyond) and Todd English GreenPan (sold on TV) are both CERAMIC non-stick. The Cuisinart is heavier and more expensive. They both work pretty well, and can be used in oven, since they are not plastic. I actually like the GreenPan's light weight - easier on these old hands!


I wouldn't have tried this recipe either but that's what is so great about blogs. They offer a stamp of approval. It really is very good, my hub and I both liked it. I added one apple sage Field Roast sausage crumbled.

But it looks gosh-awful, even in the pictures. Has anyone served this to omnis? (I wish it was more yellow or orange instead of putty colored.) Just wondering as I may take it to Thxg dinner. I googled "pumpkin baked ziti" and saw that Paula Deen has a recipe online. One funny note is that she includes a Richard Simmons approved version. Anyway the Healthy Librarian/Isa recipe is very good and I will make it again. Thanks!

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