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December 07, 2010


Ken Leebow

I'm just trying to wrap my head around the vitamin D recommendations ... now we have NO to study? LOL

Happy Chanukah

Ken Leebow


Should blue berries be part of the prescription?


Happy Chanukah

Healthy Librarian

Ken, You have nothing to worry about. You have sunshine all year round--forget about the IOM's recommendations. Bottom line the IOM raised all levels by 50% & doubled the maximum safe level for adults to 4000 IUs. As for NO--you also have nothing to worry about--you exercise & eat right!

DPS: Good point! Blueberries.


Just to say thank you for all your work in getting this information to us out here in such a usable way! I have taken so much of this information on board (I started with Esselstyne's book then found you) and have made good progress! It took me a long time to crack the addiction to 1) Tea with cow's milk (well, I am English)
2) High quality milk chocolate 3) Cake. I feel sure I've got myself off those now. After ONE week of no added oil/fat or dairy or sugar I have lost 7lbs. I am amazed. I feel 'lighter' and sort of 'cleaner' - yes, more energy.
I do have one question, on Omega 3: I am vegan and so eat no fish. I was almost persuaded by your fantastic Lands' post on Omega 3 to start eating wild salmon but I am really convinced by Esselstyne's no animal protein and would like to stick with it...
Do you think there's a danger for vegans (who don't take fish oil, of course)of deficiency in Omega 3? I think I am right in saying that you take a fish oil supplement - in contravention of Esselstyne? Or have I got this wrong?! Not sure what to do as Omega 3 is so important.

Healthy Librarian


Congrats on all those major changes. 2 articles came out recently that implied much better conversion of plant omega-3s (the ALA) than what was originally thought--and one article mentioned specifically better conversion in vegan women. As Bill Lands has said, if you lower your intake of omega-6s (like eliminate oil & nuts (walnuts are OK) & meat) plant ALA can more easily convert to EPA. That said, you should be taking ample plant ALA from flax %/or chia--& I think it's smart to take a vegan (algal) form of DHA. DHA is the omega-3 used by the brain, and it's unlikely that plant omega-3s convert well, if at all, to DHA. Keep it up--it just gets easier!


Sorry - I forgot to ask you if you might recommend an agal DHA source? I wondered about this Solgar one - is 100mg enough?

William Kruidenier

Great stuff on NO, Debby -- thanks for ferreting out all this current research and keeping us posted. I'm linking to your article on my blog.

Chris O'Keefe

I see you note that "you can't wait too long" in the beginning of the article. So, I'm 61! With high cholesterol for 20 years! I can't take statins (major muscle pain with all, even with Zetia). But I'm trying to moderate my diet. I confess I'm having a very hard time saying goodbye to olive oil and cheese...

Do you think 61 is too late? I know no one really knows... just feeling a little hopeless, that's all...

Also, do you think following Dr. Esselstyne's diet, with ONE exception - adding salmon a few times a week - ruins the entire effect??

Thanks so much for your site and emails! And I'm sure you've been asked before, but why not write I cookbook, especially ones with a section with really simple recipes. I'd buy it in a minute! I need all the help I can get. There are millions of fat/butter/meat cookbooks out there but not much on the Dr. E. front!

Thanks again!


@Chris O'Keefe: No, 61 is not too late! We're all where we are. Just kick the olive oil and cheese into touch and buy "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" (Essylstyn) which has about 150 recipes that are good and seem quite simple to follow (even for a Brit who has to keep trying to remember what 'cilantro', 'zucchini' and 'collards' are!
Actually, what *are* collard greens?


I too want to say thank you SO MUCH for all your work in getting this information to us out here in such a usable way!
I have printed out & sent to friends much of this great information.

Cynthia Bailey MD

I'm catching up on what I've missed during my 2 week vacation and found your great post in my RSS. Thank you for putting this Alzheimer diet post front and center. This is big news. In my opinion people fear Alzheimer's more than the down stream ramifications from belly fat and this is a huge motivational piece of science for a healthy lifestyle. We who follow this stuff know how it's all connected, but to see such an on point connection is very impacting. Great post!


More on blue colored berries and veggies and their ability to chelate unbound iron in the brain can be found at


I enjoyed the article and the references very much also your recent recipe for oatmeal with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms and lots of spice. It is the first oatmeal recipe I have been able to enjoy for more than 3 days in a row. I have now made and eaten several batches of it.

Is there any source that lists the quantities of avenanthramides in various foods? For instance, do they exist in broccoli rapini? Broccoli? cabbage, all of which are green and leafy, but so far have not been mentioned in any of the articles you have written or referenced. What about parsley? I do not see them in the Nutrition Data Database -- or do they have another name.

Thanks for great article and information

wendy doran

hi, thanks for another lot of wonderful info!! do you have any idea HOW much oats one should eat in a sitting to benifit from adequate NO? wendy doran


COnsider to add EAT TO LIVE to the book list

Healthy Librarian

I have Eat for Health from Fuhrman--does that count?
Thanks for the excellent suggestion--it's on my real book shelf.

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