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February 12, 2011



Definitely make a facebook page! Also, can you email me your black bean brownie recipe?


The Healthy Librarian

OMG, Mina! This is FIRST for you! Must be a good idea. Want to help me?


We would LOVE to see you do a facebook page - it will be a great opportunity for readers to create a community and forum, as well as specific Q&A's...and to provide the support and inspiration that you just wrote about.
It was MADDENING to see the 'vegan shopping list' that was posted - fruits and veg were way down the list, and got very short shrift -- her list looked more like a processed food junk's sad to see this kind of 'information' disseminated!


I would love to see a Facebook page. My husband and I have been following the Esselstyn diet for nearly six months. Our primary motivation was to lower cholesterol without statins. As soon as we started the new diet for life, both of us saw our weight drop lower than it was when we were fairly slim high schoolers. Cholesterol numbers are improving. I am so grateful that I discovered your blog. I love trying the recipes and appreciate the scientific as well as the anecdotal information you post.


ANYTHING you want to communicate to us is something I will read and try to use for myself and my family. I'm on Facebook; that would work for me. But I love your blog posts! Would they get shorted if your attention is diverted to Facebook?

Speaking of wanting quick communication -- Forks Over Knives was supposed to be released last October, then this March, and now not until May. That's withholding powerful information for a long time from audiences who could be benefiting from it. When am I going to actually see the whole thing?

The Healthy Librarian

Oh, Happy, so nice to hear from you! It's been awhile. Hope you're doing well--and planning your garden. Not at all sure why the delay in FOK. Let's hope it will come out in May. If I did Facebook--it would be secondary--and not a blog replacement. Thanks for your sweet words!


I am not on Facebook. I hope (and pray) that if you do start a Facebook page, you will continue with the same blog posting that we have all come to love. Your blog has become my "go to" site! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the selfless, time consuming devotion you give to the rest of us. I am so glad to "know" you.

By the way, your little grandson is one precious guy!


....yes, to FB

Jane Esselstyn

I almost had a tear reading those stories.
Huge thanks! And I am serious, I still want your Granny Smith cilantro salsa!


Ok, facebook is a huge time sink for me to just try to figure out. I need a lesson (I have an account to track my kids, but I don't check it often). So, I'm one that says I FAITHFULLY read your blog (thanks for the emails) and I really don't want to have to go to FB to find you.
And I LOVED today's post... I just had some rather oily vegan pot-stickers... with my otherwise good dinner. So, it puts me back on track. THANKS.


RE: Facebook - it could expand your reach, but it is also a huge time suck. I'd be happy to help you if you go that route - it's not too hard.

Georgia Kinninger

Yours is the ONLY blog I go to. I am not on Facebook and can hardly find time to do my emails. Please do keep the blog a priority.

Like you, I turned 60 in 2010 and with it came remarkable changes. It started with a positive diagnosis for breast cancer and (after a lumpectomy and radiation) ended with the blessings of finding The China Study and your blog. Over the past nine months of eating mostly vegan and plant based, my husband dropped from 200 to 180 lbs. and I dropped 10 lbs. from my 5'9" frame. It hasn't been hard making the food transition, but it has been a big step. We've gone from most meals having some form of dairy and meat to plant based with no dairy and almost no meat. Our focus has mostly been anti-cancer, but now I'm seeing the benefits of moving it up a notch to getting more serious about heart health and brain function. So, why not?

I get inspired by your blog and I thank you so much for all your effort and the information you share with us. We call you Happyhealthy. "Have you read Happyhealthy's most recent blog?" we ask my sister or each other. We are so grateful. You have given us access to resources we couldn't/wouldn't have found and your enthusiasm for life and love and family really shines through.


data from 2-year old ... mice ... support our hypothesis that dietary fermentable fiber mimics many of the effects of diet restriction on health span and longevity.


Even if you start a facebook page (which I would read) please keep posting here! I'm encouraged by these stories to keep on going!


I love your blog. I have learned so much important information I would not have received otherwise. I am not a member of facebook orecisely because of the time-sink issue. If you do choose to go down the facebook path I (selfishly) ask you to please keep this blog as your main focus. Thanks again for all you have shared to date.

Healthy Librarian

Thank you to everyone for sharing your opinions about whether or not I should add a FB page.
If I did Facebook it's NOT to replace the blog. That would not change!

It's like a place for "overflow"--a quick easy way for me to share things I learn about that I can't just put into a blog post--you guys would kill me if sent out an email post just to share quick chit-chat about Dr. Neal Barnard's new cancer cookbook, the scanpan, the 3 amazing articles that passed my desk at work today, the spicy blue potato corn recipe I just made last night, Dr. Gilbert Welch's interview with Ira Flatow on Science Friday, and on & on.

And its a way for you all to also share tips & reactions instantly.

Healthy Librarian


Here's the link to the Red Lentil Mulligatawny with Granny Smith salsa

Mina: no link to the Black Bean Brownies--I'll email it to you.

Healthy Librarian


Your story is "IM" an inspiration & a motivation! Wow! Years ago I heard Dr. Mladen Golubic (when doing cancer research) said the best way to "clean" up your diet is in one fell swoop as you did--that way you see how dramatically better you feel and the changes it makes. I laughed out loud when I read what your husband & sis call me! BTW--whatever you're doing for you cancer--is the same as for your heart & brain. Thanks for writing!

Gael in Vermont

What a wonderful posting today! For me, reading other peoples' stories and how they managed to overcome big pharma and serious medical issues is very motivating. We don't get this kind of information from our regular primary care docs. It's unconscionable that there is an alternative way to overcome these diseases that stem from the standard American diet, and our doctors are not shouting it from the rooftops! Between the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, we don't stand a chance! And, btw, I'd love a quick check-in on FB and the opportunity to talk to others who frequent this life-saving blog. Thanks Deb!

Ken Leebow

Quotes that say it all . . .

Exercise is better than any drug or anything else we have for aging. There's no downside. If this were a drug, it would be the safest, most effective drug in the universe. - Dr. James O. Hill

Food is the most powerful clinical intervention against chronic disease doctors have. We should be able to write recipes on prescription slips, just like prescription medication. And every doctor should know how. - Dr. John La Puma

Michele (Betty)

In case you haven't located a source for wheat groats, I found one at:

This is a good company that I have delt with in the past. The other thing they have that I have ordered id julienned sundried tomatoes. I have been doing the knife work myself in the past.

Only thing against ordering is that the shipping is steep. I don't think any other website for such products has lower shipping though. It's just that grains are heavy. I have no other choice though, no one carries them locally.


Re: your comment above - we wouldn't kill you.

More of all this sounds neat, but I'm one of those who has avoided joining Facebook, and I'd hate to miss anything.

Charles J Huebner MD

Dear Healthy Librarian,
I have been a regular reader of your website, which is outstanding. I have followed Dr. Esselstyn's program for over one year. I found out about his work from The China Study. He graciously invited me to attend his program in Cleveland and I was impressed with the results that he has achieved and the effort and commitment he put into his study. He has proved something rather astounding, that heart disease can be REVERSED with diet. I have lost 30 lbs. And stopped my cholesterol and blood pressure medications. My cholesterol and blood pressure are as god or better than with rx. In addition to my Rheumatology practice, I have started a Lifestyle Center and we are counseling patients on embracing vegan, no oil eating.

Caroline M. in L.A.

Please start a Facebook page. I would love to follow your quick posts. From one librarian to another...


Great article (as usual)! I agree with The Healthy Professor - Dr. Esselstyn is my hero too. His level of compassion and dedication is really inspiring. I'm so glad that I found his book and this blog. My life has definitely been changed for the better.

Pam Mayne

Another fabulous post -- thank you, this one's a keeper! Have you ever heard Dr Esselsytn mention cancer rates in his patients? Someone on the McDougall board mentioned a while back that in a talk he'd heard by Dr E in 2008, Dr E said that in the 22 years of following the patients that participated in his study that they had only one instance of cancer. That just blows my mind when I stop and think about it -- 18 people, 22 years, *one* instance of cancer??? Compared to our national rates??? Not what he was studying, but wow, what a side effect!!!

Just tossing it in there as more motivation. :)


P.S. Oh, and as an addition to the blog and a way to potentially get more recipes :), yes indeedy to FB!!!

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