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February 09, 2011



If you are unable to find the Crate & Barrel items, Costco carries Snapware glass containers, but they have plastic lids. I use a paper towel to cover the tops when heating. :)

Beth Bradford

When I use my green gourmet grill pan, I bring out my old, and unused in awhile, bacon press...I cover the flat bottom with some foil for easy clean up, but its perfect to press sandwiches and veggies like a panini.

Just want to add my thanks for all the work and research you give us...I'm a happy, health economist in GA and continually share links to your site for new readers...Best wishes for 2011 and for keeping us healthy too.



Just as we have new favorite cookbooks we have new favorite blogs. Yours is my new favorite. I have been following a plant based diet for 3 years. I am 64 and a former school librarian so I easily identify with you and your career and lifestyle. One of my favorite things to do is to read recipes that you've tried from cookbooks. Since I have a good cookbook collection I usually have the cookbook that you refer to right on my shelf. My biggest challenge is fitting my diet in with family and friend get togethers. Even though I know all of the things to say/do I am still uncomfortable ---but getting better. Any advice there?


HL, thanks for posting my smoothie recommendations! One of my senior residents enthusiastically commented to an attending physician: "She drinks ground up vegetables every day. That's how she gets all her energy!"

The smoothies have done wonders for my productivity & morning energy levels with no pre-lunch energy fade. I also hope they'll help keep me looking and feeling as young & vital as you and your husband look in EVERY photo you've posted! You guys are truly inspirational.

wendy doran

thank you for your recipes!!they have made my low fat vegan diet bearable! my favourite is the mexican cocoa...i put more than a pinch of cayenne and love it!! made some oat cookies using the same ingredients as for the cocoa plus grated ginger and lime peel and low fat tofu ..YUM..everyone at my running club ate them all!!nobody found the cayenne too spicy. please continue all your wonderful research..i read through it every day to keep reminding myself about why i am on such a mission to stay is a full time job!!! As Jack LaLanne said "I want to be living w"hile I am living!"

Healthy Librarian

Beth: Thanks for the tip of the bacon press. Love the idea of making panini sandwiches.

Kelly: Thanks for the Costco tip & commenting!

Penny: I really appreciate "fave blog" compliment!! I'm a cookbook reader from way back, too! Re family & friends--my tip is to always bring something to share that they'll all like--and that will be substantial enough for you. Wendy at Healthy Girl's Kitchen just did a wrap-up post of what she served to non-plant-based family & friends at a Super Bowl party--with reviews of the winners & losers. It does get easier--and friends & family get used to you--and more interested in making their own changes.

Healthy Librarian

MG: You're my inspiration for upping my green smoothie game! Loved the quote from the senior resident to the attending! Thanks for sharing it--it's priceless. Bet you'll get some converts at your hospital.

Wendy: Recipe, please! Sounds delicious, but I'm not sure how to make these awesome sounding cookies. Love the Jack LaLanne quote. Never heard that before--and honestly--it sums the whole thing up!!!


thanks for the veggie smoothie ideas - they sound fantastic...I'm curious about why 'fruit-heavy' is not desirable, though - too much sugar? what does dr E recommend re daily consumption of fruit?
PS have you thought of a blog entry that is all q & a from your readers? you're such a wealth of info....!

Mark Arneson

Eating a large fruit smoothie after my morning workout, as well as date-based energy bars after my bike commute, has greatly reduced my recovery time and allowed me to exercise more. My midday smoothie is veg-heavy: I’ll get a headache if I eat a lot of fruit during this less active part of the day. I've also noticed more energy and better endurance from upping my intake of healthy fats like flax and chia, and I would love to hear your take on oils with a good omega 3: omega 6 ratio (such as flax oil or a mixture of flax and hemp oil) as well as those high in medium-chain triglycerides like coconut oil.

Healthy Librarian


Very interesting & helpful observation about the smoothie post-exercise & mid-day. It does make sense. I'm definitely leaning toward heavy veg because, honestly, for me it's harder to get enough greens than it is to get the fruit--but, I can see the benefit of the fruit-heavy one after a hard work-out.

I agree about date-based energy bars, too after working out--or on a work-out heavy day--I'm craving them--and yes, I do succumb to the Lara Walnut Apple bars when I don't have a non-nut subsitute, after a hard workout when I'm starving.

I'm a huge chia/flax fan. Re getting into adding the oils--I'm staying away--even from the omega-3 heavy ones. I can easily cook wo them--I don't need the extra calories--and there's always the issue of oxidation--and all oils can easily oxidize or get rancid. That said, ultramarathoner vegan athlete, Scott Jurek, needs to keep up his calorie-intake with what he burns, and says he get 25% of his calories from fat (I'm getting 10-13% of my calories from fat). He get this high amount by downing 6-8 tablespoons (1/2 a cup) of Udo's oil---and he consumes 5,000 calories a day! 80 grams of protein, BTW which equals 320 calories--a small percentage of his total.

I'm doing just fine without expressed oils of any kind--but I'm no Scott Jurek. From what I've read, I'm steering clear of coconut oil--it's highly saturated--but there are always differing viewpoints on everything. I'm sticking by the evidence of Dr. Esselstyn's long-term patients--no oil--no cardiovascular disease or strokes. No endothelial injury from oil!

Sweet Pea

Having finally convinced me to drop the oil from my diet, I had packed up my grill pan for the thrift store. Thanks to your tips for oil-free grilling, I rescued it just in the nick of time!


Dear HL:
Two things on my mind:
(1) I really don't "buy" the non-stick and also healthy story for those pans. I'm worried about you using those pans. I use good old cast iron, have a set of 5, different sizes, and they really work great. I do put a micro-layer of oil to cook, but really, very little (wipe it with a paper towel). Will probably get a cast iron grill-like one but that would just be for those marks!!!
(2) Steel cut oats: I haven't made it to the smoothie lane yet, but I want to pass along the REALLY fast way to make these, without having to make them days in advance. EACH NIGHT before bed I boil 1.3 cups water, add 1/3 cup oats, stir, let it boil one minute, Turn off the heat and cover. In the morning it just needs a little heating up (then I add berries, ground flax seed, and chia). REALLY makes it quick!
Thanks for your info, might get the new cookbook you recommended, and I really needed the dresssing recipes.

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