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March 26, 2011


Pam Mayne

Debby, thanks very much for this article and link. It brought tears to my eyes, of sadness, frustration, and ultimately joy. Thank God there is a better way -- and all of the effort on so many people's part (including yours) that is going into spreading the word is so, so worth it. My heart breaks for that little girl.



How very, very sad. The loss of the father and the restaurant.

Just yesterday, I was sitting getting my hair done and listening to the stylist at the station next to me regale the tale of her latest visits to the doctor. She was telling of how the doctor didn't know what was wrong with her, but put her on some antibiotics. (It didn't sound like she needed antibiotics from her symptoms, but what do I know?) It turned out she was allergic to the medicine and her reaction then prompted a 2-week course of steroids. Her conclusion was she was glad her doctor had given her medicine that she turned out to be allergic to because now she knows how sensitive she is that medicine, and she'll just have to take different ones.

Listening to her conversation through the filter of "maybe medicine isn't always the answer" as I was made the conversation sound completely ridiculous. Medicine really shouldn't have to be so trial and error. So much is wrong with our model of western medicine.


I just read this article before I saw your post, and I think this about sums it up:


The physicians she was seeing for her diabetes took a look at her numbers, were amazed, and wanted to know how she did it. "I told them I had adopted a completely plant-based diet. They didn't seem surprised at all, and told me that plant-based diets were helping to reverse diabetes. When I asked why they had not suggested it, they told me because it isn't practical."

Aghast, she asked her doctor, "Do you think it's practical to be 30 years old and lose a leg?"


EXACTLY. We treat the symptoms with drugs and risky procedures, but the cure is impractical?? I don't get it!

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