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March 08, 2011



The two major groups were not eating the same type of soy at all. The soy (tofu) in China is completely different, fermented, and NON GMO.

The Healthy Librarian

Good point about the non-gmo, NR-not sure about what percentage was fermented tho.

But..the good news was that even when consuming U.S. style soy, there was no harm or increased risk or recurrences--and the study showed benefits when the participants consumed the same higher levels of soy as the Chinese.

Also, recently I've noticed more commonly available soy in grocery stores that are non-GMO, including Silk, Eden brands, Mori-nu, and NaSoya. Good reminder, NR to read labels & consider adding tempeh & miso.

Georgia Kinninger

Thank you for this info. Just last week I was sharing your blog with one of my sisters (diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago) and she specifically asked if soy was safe for us bc survivors (I was diagnosed one year ago). I was able to share your earlier pro-soy entries with her and now we have a third great study! Since we are strong proponents of the plant based, whole foods way of nutrition, this is a great relief.


I think you should do a post on GM food! We take it very seriously here in UK (and Europe generally) where we want to be able to eat and plant GM-free food and know that animals aren't being fed GM grain. There are active campaigns to keep it out (and by law GM food has to be labelled and traceable so that we can choose to avoid it) but the US is really piling on the pressure. The UK government has acquiesced to potato trials for the past few years and is apparently supporting all GM applications to the EU. So awful. Let's hope the rest of the EU remains firm.

Claudia Schmidt

Question for you - what about soy supplements? I'm on Tamoxifen and would LOVE to take soy to reduce the hot flashes and night sweats, but my oncologist says no. Your thoughts?

Healthy Librarian


This is just my opinion, based on the research I've read--but I'd stick to just real & whole soy foods--not the supplements. The research on cancer survivors--and those on Tamoxifen were eating soy foods--not taking the isolated soy supplements. I do think many oncologists are still skittish about soy in any format--but ask your doc to look at the recent studies--and articles I've posted.

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