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March 19, 2011



Super! I will be trying all of these soon. Thanks!

Gael in Vermont

I just made the Creamy Balsamic and tossed it with my lunch salad...WOW! I love it! I have been trying out some no-oil dressing myself...using soft tofu as the base, but I'm not happy yet with these. The thicker consistency of Isa's is very satisfying and feels like I'm "cheating." I like Isa's dressing a bit better...must be the taste of the cashews. Onto the lentils and chick-peas then the burgers! Can't wait. We ARE eating well, ne c'est-pas?

The Healthy Librarian


I'm excited that you liked the Creamy Balsamic. I've tried her Caesar Chavez & cole slaw dressing & liked those, too. The lime peanut also sounds amazing. The little bit of cashews makes such a big difference in texture, taste, & mouth feel, and I don't need to use the giant servings Isa has tied to her nutritional info. 1 1/2 tablespoons or 2 at most is more than enough for me.

If a little bit of nuts makes such a delicious difference in the taste of the dressings, and encourages me to eat more salads, I'm guiltlessly going for it. You're right--it's so good it does feel like "cheating"!

Report back about the soup & burgers, lady!


I now (thanks to your original oatmeal post) eat savory oatmeal every day for breakfast, and sometimes for dinner as well. I looooooove it. I never have it sweet anymore.

Here's how I do it: steel cut oats, spinach, green onions, Sriracha, pepper, nutritional yeast and tamari. I think I'll have to start tossing some turmeric in there as well!


I made Arabian Nights Lentil and Rice Soup today. We all enjoyed it - nice warm flavor. Garam Masala is one of my favorite spices.

After I buy spinach and shiitake mushrooms tomorrow, I'll try the savory oatmeal recipe too!

The Healthy Librarian

Jeff, like the Sriracha addition! Glad to hear that you're liking the savory oatmeal.

Update: Another co-worker of mine--and her friend are now fans of the savory cheezy oatmeal! Any doubters out there just have to try it. They are now also fans of that delicious Bone Suckin' brand seasoning.

Annely--I love how willing you are to try these new recipes! Glad to hear that the Arabian Nights soup was a success and that you, too, are a fan of Garam Masala. Let me know how the oatmeal experiment goes.


Bought some spinach and dried Shiitake mushrooms; made Savory Oats. I eat oatmeal just about every day - with sliced bananas and cinnamon. This recipe looked so unusual I had to try it. I like it very much. My husband got home while I was eating my Savory Oats, and I had him sample it. His response - "That is very good!!"


HL, you totally rock! Can't wait to try all of these and already have the ingredients. I love that I can make big batches to last a few days and trust they'll keep me going strong during my next two months of 80-hour work weeks on hospital floors & in the ICU! Smoothies in the morning, hearty HL recipes for lunch & dinner. My colleagues will be so jealous of my delicious food! :-)

Gael in Vermont

Okay, I'm eating the Cheesy took me until the 3 or 4th bite to get into it. Now, it's fabulous. Like you said, a breakfast risotto! Next time I can tweak to add kale or more mushroom...whatever! Thanks for this one Deb! Now, the salad dressing with the cashews...are we allowed to eat cashews?????? I didn't think we could, but sister, that dressing is gooood. Lentil burgers are next, I already love sweet potato fries. Who wouldn't?

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