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March 11, 2011


Gael in Vermont

So much to learn, so much to read, so much to listen to, volumes to think about, and not enough time to do it all! Thank goodness for you and your brilliant summaries. I have downloaded Krista Tippett over the years, and will do so for the yoga piece. Great respect for Diane Rehm and Brooks, both. On changed habits...just making the major switch to a plant-based diet habit was major enough for me! I love cheeseburgers and ice cream as much as the next gourmand, but "knowing" and becoming educated and informed has greatly influenced my daily choices, and changed my habits. It's motivation plus education that has worked for me. On yoga...again a new habit has emerged in my life in the way of yoga 4-5 times per week. Like you, I feel stronger, more balanced and the meditative aspect is very powerful. Through my practice I take the time during savasana to reflect and be grateful.

wendy (healthy girl)

Reading your blog is like limerence to me. It takes me out of myself to exactly the place I want to go. It's astonsihing really, our interests are so aligned. Or maybe it's not just me, and you have hit upon the topics that a lot of people get right now. Who knows . . . but this posting was amazing.

wendy (healthy girl)

Oh, and yes, yoga just gets better and better and better the more regularly you practice. Can't wait for my class tomorrow!

surf salterpath

More so every post.

Ian in Philadelphia

First comment but have been reading for some time.

"We have habits of politeness. We have habits of self discipline. And you change your mind by changing your behavior."

Terrific quote and, as the best quotes are, obvious when you read it. Cognitive dissonance is usually pointed out when the mind is well-intentioned and the behavior is harmful but, of course, it works in reverse as well. When the mind is reluctant but the behavior is beneficial the behavior has the power to alter the mind. Thank you for that revelation and thank you for your terrific blog.

Franny from Nashville

Re: The idea of Limerence

This was such an eye-opener. Having never heard of this word, now I can't stop thinking about it. It is the feeling I get when I am arranging flowers, or putting something visual together, in my house, or crafting. Its a zone I am , when nothing else matters, and I am totally enjoying the process. That feeling is the motivator. Has nothing to do with money or prestige or making anyone else happy except me! And I keep coming back to it because of that hypnotic feeling.

Re: The idea of "surrounding yourself with people with whom you disagree". I would change that slightly to "surrounding yourself with people who think differently than you". I would say that is partially my relationship with my spouse. His mind works so differently from mine that he points out gaps in my thinking. And I am sure I do the same thing for him. Filling in the gaps of our thinking. Friends and associates point out things that you just don't thing of on your own. So valuable.

I enjoy all of this blog, but this segment really resonated with me and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and your remarkable ability to boil down complicated ideas to their essence.

Onward........... with love and admiration F!


Wow another post so great I have to comment. In response to your awesome post, I love how Ian in the comment above phrases it "When the mind is reluctant but the behavior is beneficial the behavior has the power to alter the mind." This is SO valuable and meaningful to me!

Thanks for summarizing, I used to love listening to NPR but never make time for it anymore. I laughed because I think I'm an angry startle-ee naturally but I make an effort to not act like one.

So much else that you wrote really resonates with me but one of the habits I am trying to use is going to bed earlier so I will stop here!

Thanks again for your blog, I really think you are helping many people in a really meaningful way with it!!!!! But I don't want to add pressure on you that your readers are here to be helped by you, it's a just a fun blog to read and I hope you are having fun too.

LH in OH


One of the most insightful things about pyschology I read once was that people are creatures of habits. Habits are very useful for getting thru the day (dressing, eating, working, etc.) but that it is hard to change one's habits. Time to get back to work...

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