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April 26, 2011


Ken Leebow

I've been watching 60 Minutes for years. For many reasons, I found that story to be one of the most fascinating segments ever.

I recommend watching it ... available here:

Susan Jones

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful posts. I've been a subscriber for a few months now, and cannot tell you what a support and inspiration you are for me. Had some negative feedback from a friend today about my plant-based diet, and came home to find your take on the 60 Minutes story. Just what I needed!
I am a 53-yr old slim, active woman, and thought I was eating a healthy diet...that is, until my doctor phoned in January with some very bad news about my cholesterol numbers. I didn't want to take statins, so asked for 3 months to do whatever it took to improve my situation. Discovered Drs. Esselstyn, Campbell, Ornish -- and you -- and decided to adopt a whole foods, plant-based diet. I'll cut to the chase here; had my annual last week, and my doctor is astonished and amazed as my cholesterol has been reduced by half.
Thanks again, and keep those recipes coming.

Wendy (Healthy Girl's Kitchen)

Thank you. I was captivated reading about the monks. Kinda want to apply myself . . . were it not for the fact that I'm female and not a Catholic! I so envy their way of life, but I think I'd miss my kids too much.

Chris G.

The monks seem like Happy, Healthy, Long Life in action and proof positive it works. Clearly, they are on the right track and following the recommendations of the Drs Esselstyn, Campbell, Ornish etc. I do wonder about limiting variety, , however. While it may lead to reduced intake, it may also limit nutrient consumption. I'm convinced that in 20 yrs, we will be taking about nutrients on no ones radar right now, in the same way 20 yrs ago no one thought about omega-3s, antioxidants, anthocyanin, phenolics, and other phytonutrients, and 60 yrs ago no one thought about vitamins. By mixing up the whole grains and vegetables one consumes, you increase your likelihood of getting more of these bioactive, but perhaps unrecognized, compounds.

Healthy Librarian


You're right about eating a wide variety of foods to pick up a wide varitey of known & unknown nutrients.

I didn't explain Dr. Katz' approach very well, sorry--it's OK to have different foods--just not to serve a million different options (courses) at your meals--that's when we overeat. And template breakfast & lunch for ease.

Somewhere I read (& I'm unable to find the reference)that Dr. Robert Vogel (the cardiologist & brachial tourniquet pioneer) suggests we eat 28+ different foods everyday to insure we pick up a huge array of nutrients--just mix them all into one salad or casserole! Definitely a challenge.

Thanks for the link, Ken!

Susan, that's amazing news! I'm so excited to hear it. Huge cut in your cholesterol & it's so motivating to know that changes are possible w/o drugs. You go, girl!

You're so funny! Doesn't it sound like heaven? You should try a week long silent meditation retreat. You'd love it.


I have about negative three hours per day to spare during my current rotation but can hardly wait to watch the 60 minutes segment on my next day off! Thanks for sharing something that I know will be well worth watching. Your summary helps me feel comfortable delaying viewing in favor of much needed sleep. :-)

Oh, and if this were open to women I think I would certainly apply after I am finished with my professional training!

Linda P.

As a lacto-ovo vegetarian whose only "lacto-ovo" component of the diet was skim milk and who eschewed added fats, I was dismayed to discover a few months ago that my overall cholesterol number was 241. I was assured that it was heredity, and there was nothing else I could do since clearly my diet and exercise should have prevented my cholesterol from climbing so high. I was put on Crestor, although only 5 mg. I have watched my husband be put on one medication after another through the decades and I didn't want to go down that path. After watching the full 90-minute presentation on "The Bitter Truth about Sugar" and rereading my copy of Dr. Esselstyn's book, I dropped the skim milk and sugar from my diet. Two month later, my overall cholesterol was 140 and the rest of the lipid panel was similarly improved, and my internist agreed to let me come back off the Crestor. I've long been acquainted with Campbell and Esselstyn, but thanks for the extra push your column provided to drop the skim milk and the sugar, too.

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