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April 12, 2011



Happy Pesach! I eat kitniyot too, though I grew up doing that. Makes life much easier!

We're doing Isa's Smlove pie in a matzah-almond crust for Passover. It's much higher in fat than you're probably comfortable with and has gluten, but a similar chocolate pudding might work.


This past weekend I made the lasagna recipe from "Appetite for Reduction," but instead of 8 ounces of lasagna noodles, I took half a pound of eggplant, sliced it very thinly lengthwise to make "noodles" and then placed them on parchment paper in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes. When they were slightly browned, I took them out of the oven, I folded over the paper, and let them steam in their own heat for a bit. When they were cool, I used them as the lasagna noodles, and they were great! I didn't peel them, but next time I do this, I will.

I got the idea from a recipe for an eggplant, tomato, and chickpea casserole I found on the New York Times web site some time ago. That recipe is one of my go-to recipes, although I modified it to eliminate the oil, and I omit the cinnamon the original recipe calls for. That, too, would be an excellent Pesach meal, since you eat kitniyot.

Wendy (Healthy Girl's Kitchen)

You are awesome for compiling all of these Passover recipes! I of course loved reading all about your plans for the holiday!

Cherie Perkins

I made a Matzah Ball soup using broth from cooking chickpeas which is really like a chicken broth and added the usual onions, carrots, celery... The Matzah Balls were a challenge as I did not have ripe avocado. We follow a low fat plant based diet. I decided to replace the eggs in the standard ball recipe with ground flax seeds and water - I baked them. They turned out great. We had a great Passover meal. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to try the MIna sometime this week.

Cherie Perkins

I made the Mina de Matazh per your recipe - it was great! We will have it regularly - any time of year. Thanks so much for the idea.

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