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May 12, 2011



I love Field Roast Sausage! I've had the Apple Sage and Italian. I like the idea of spreading one throughout a dish. They're so flavorful, one goes a long way.

Cherie Perkins

The Happy Herbivore has a recipe for sausage like flavor enhancers which have no oil made from wheat gluten. I've made them and they are a nice addition to recipes like chorizo. They are not 'like the real thing' but I never liked the real thing anyway - too greasy. I'm not opposed to an occasional cheat but really no oil is so much better in every way. Since we can make some pretty good options why buy the stuff with oil.

Healthy Librarian

Thanks Cherie for the link.

I have made my own bean & wheat gluten Italian sausages, & Veganomicon's TVP chorizo--all good tasting.

But, the Field Roast advantage domes when I just don't have the time to "make my own". It's just one more piece of the recipe that I don't have to make from scratch.


Yes, I do use Field Roast sparingly. Now I'm thrilled with your approval for occasional use. It makes pizza and other dishes more substantial. I put them in Mark Bittman's cassoulet. I am going to try Match meats through mail order since they aren't sold here. I've heard about them from other blogs, too.


P.S. Have you tried Nate's Meatless Meatballs?

Mark Arneson

I used to eat Field Roast when I first went to a plant based diet. It's delicious, and it makes a good transitional food. Also, Match seems to be a better burger alternative than starchy nightmares like Isa Chandra's chipotle lentil burger. That said, I don't eat faux products anymore, because though they are convenient and appetizing, I find them nowhere near as nourishing as unprocessed whole foods. Faux meats are a form of nutritional stress I can do without. When pressed for time, nothing is faster than a bowl of steamed greens with beans and/or lentils. For me, great taste is not enough. I'm looking for the highest possible net energy gain from each meal.

Healthy Librarian

You're an inspiration, Mark, and you do make an excellent point about nutritional bang for the buck.

These are all once in awhile foods for me--but I'm still not ready to ditch them!

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