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May 18, 2011



I unplug every weekend for at least one day, sometimes both days. I wish you the best on your travels, and hope you enjoy being untethered!


I'll miss you, but wish you a wonderful journey in every sense. Maybe it'll give me a chance to catch up on the great posts I've only skimmed, instead of properly taking them in!

Ken Leebow


Enjoy being unplugged! That's great.

Ken Leebow

P.S. I'm jealous.

Pamela Wildermuth

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to you both. Unplug and enjoy. Will look forward to another page of great information when you return.
Pamela Wildermuth [Australia]

Ian in Philadelphia

That link to Dr. Steve Nissen's lecture isn't loading for me. Anyone else having the same problem?

Have a wonderful three weeks of freedom.

Ian in Philadelphia

Ok, I was able to save the lecture through internet explorer. One of my firefox apps must have blocked it.

Gael in Vermont

Happy 40th Deb!!!!! I'm thinking of you relaxing and unplugging, and feeling happy for you. You deserve a break!

Gael in Vermont

I couldn't open up the file either.


I was able to open the file and watched the entire lecture...even took some notes. I would like to see a group of people following Dr Esselstyn's diet included in a study using the IVUS and comparing the results with groups taking statins. Do you think that would ever happen? I think following a plant based diet is a far superior choice than taking statins. I became vegan in Jan 2011 and have effortlessly lost 18 pounds. I can hardly wait to see and compare the results of my lipid panel this year with last year's results.

Thomas Paine

I was able to access it with Google Chrome, but not with IE9.

Healthy Librarian


Can't ever see IVUS being used follow-up people using following a plant-based diet--but I agree--a comparison with high-dose statins would be fascinating.

Unfortunately, IVUS, as I understand it, still can carry some risk, it costs a lot, & is time/labor intensive, so it's reserved for clinical studies & for transplant donor studies.

To me the IVUS lessons serve as a powerful motivator to change one's diet--eat no-oil plant-based if you want to reverse or stop atherosclerosis without the risk of high dose statins.

Keep in mind that only 1.5% of Dr. Esselstyn's patients over the past 6-7 years, who have been compliant, experienced any kind of later cardiovascular event--which far exceeds any drug or procedure modalities.

Healthy Librarian

Sorry some of you can't open the file of the Nissen lecture. It needs a windows media viewer.

It's a windows media file--so it plays best on PC's--although it will play on Macs. Here's some info to help:


Do you know if there have been any autopsies on any of Dr Esselstyn's patients who followed the diet to see if in fact there was a reversal of heart disease? The only other explanation I can think of is perhaps a plant based/no oil diet creates some type of protection from having these areas of plaque rupture. Without further research, we really don't know why these patients did not experience any kind of later cardiovascular event. Was it a reversal of fatty deposits or does this diet offer protection from having these areas of plaque rupture? It's almost unbelievable that this isn't one of the most researched topics out there and that most physicians are not aware of the benefits of this type of diet.

Healthy Librarian


Prior to these most recent IVUS studies--THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO EVER SHOWED REVERSAL of their plaque were those people on an Esselstyn or Ornish plant-based no oil diet! Period. Esselstyn has the images for his patients who went on have angiograms. Same for Dr. Dean Ornish. But, reversal isn't necessary to stop the disease.

Nathan Pritikin's body was autopsied & his arteries were 100% clear.

Don't know about any autopsies on Esselstyn's patients--but it's unlikely there is such data--autopsy is usually reserved for deaths of unknown origin.

As for the benefits of the plant-based diet--the stopping of further cardiac events & angina comes within 4-7 weeks as the linings of the arteries heal, inflammation stops, eliminating the cause of rupture. Small dense LDLs are no longer made & cannot enter the arterial wall--and further plaque is not longer deposited. Regression of plaque is certainly a good thing--but it's NOT what's responsible for stopping the disease. Old hardened plaque doesn't rupture--it's the soft loose stuff that does.

What you eat matters to the health of arteries! Eating a diet that increases the nitric oxide production protects the arteries from plaque, makes them flexible, & lowers blood pressure.

The benefits for his diet far outweigh the benefits that anyone would get from needing to continually down polyprescriptions to control type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, etc.

And pills don't decrease weight--which provides a cascade of its own benefits to health, nor can statins or drugs provide all the polyphenols & antioxidants necessary for superior health. CRP naturally decreases on a no-oil plant-based diet--without needing drugs.

Statins also come with side effects (name one drug that doesn't)--especially as one's age increases, and the dose goes up. They also affect one's exercise capacity--ask any serious exerciser about that! Be sure to read Dr. Beatrice Golomb's article--she's a UCSD physician who maintains a database on the subject.


Thank goodness you're taking a break! I could do with a few weeks to get on top of the information torrent that is your blog :-)
Enjoy your events!


Welcome back! I missed your blog! Happy to have you back in the USA...will read your update soon; just wanted to express 'thanks' and happy you have returned! My husband keeps talking about traveling to Greece...he'll probably read your report as well. Thanks for all the research and work you do to report back to us on the plant-based cuisine and way of life.

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