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« Fifteen Months Into the Esselstyn-Style Plant-Based No-Oil Way of Eating - The Healthy Librarian Spills the Beans - And It's All Good! Can't Wait to Compare Notes with Bill Clinton on Saturday. | Main | CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Convinced! A Plant-Based Diet Can Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease & Give You Energy to Spare »

August 29, 2011


Kiki Ohio

I was particularly disappointed to read that Mr. Bare stated that he "had no plans to give up the food he loves". That means he can expect to see his heart disease needlessly continue to progress. So frustrating to read!


Thank you for this summary. I have been reading your blog for a while now and really appreciate all the information you condense and summarize so well. I decided to watch the whole video and I agree with you - definitely prized diet over surgery. A question I am left with though is that Dr. Agatston's diet is not the same as Esseltyn's yet also reports positive health outcomes and also Ornish who was the person who actually worked with Clinton also does not propose something as strict as Esselstyn. I'm moved significantly towards a plant-based, whole grains, whole food approach after the last few months of reading but the varying diet advice is confusing. What's your perspective on South Beach?


Thank you for another wonderful post. "The Last Heart Attack" was the most informative health program I have seen in a long time and I was so pleased to see such strong emphasis on diet.


Thank you again for your summary. I've fallen off the Esselstyne diet often and it's always because of milk chocolate, milk in my tea or a piece of cake. It's so frustrating because the conclusion I have to come to is that I'm incredibly weak-willed or just addicted to these things. Sometimes I just despair! I keep going though as I do want to do this and agree that it's got to be all or nothing as I won't get the results I want.

An example - I have an upcoming trip abroad where my hosts (who have never met me before) are eager to do their special BBQ for me. I told them I don't eat meat but after pressure, gave in and agreed to some fish! It's so annoying. Now I am stressed about an upcoming trip.


OK - just watched the documentary. Thrown out the milk. The documentary was excellent (what a joy to watch American television with no advertisements) and as far as I'm concerned, it wasn't just *slanted* towards the diet over drugs and procedures - its core message was that it is only diet that will save you from plaque build-up in your coronary arteries.

The Healthy Librarian

Kiki---I was more than disappointed that Mr. Bare wasn't going to give up any foods--I was shocked. What was he thinking? Hopefully, he has since watched the show & changed his mind.

Anna, Ginger, & Victoria--glad to hear that you also got the same impression as I did from the documentary---diet rules!

Anna--just keep at it. Remember, I'm dabbled with this diet for 2 years before going 100%. And yes, I will have fish, ice cream, & unhealthy desserts once in awhile--and all in the context of social occasions. But I keep all that stuff out of the house--and keep a lid on it when I'm socializing or eating out.


Well, just to be radical, and take it a step further: The way to drastically cut health care costs, is to implement(prescribe) diet and exercise as the treatment, and drug and surgical intervention as the exception to the rule, only to be used in extraordinary circumstances.
Of course the drug, medical and food industries would be up in arms. If Americans want their fat added carnivorous diet, let them pay for their own health care costs, or join an insurance pool with like-minded individuals.

The Healthy Librarian


Your idea doesn't seem radical to me--I think it's brilliant. Thanks for telling it like it is!

Barbara Zimmermann

Its a matter of Forks over Knives. Changing where your fork goes as opposed to going under the knife. Simple. And I think it has implications for for all metabolic syndrome diseases. I look forward to that research being as self-evident.


Thanks for posting your notes as well as links to transcripts and the entire documentary! I'm definitely the healthiest eater I know, which makes it easy to fall of the wagon more often than I'd like. Your post is a good reminder for me. I'm really happy to see former President Clinton so excited about his healthy diet.

I'd like to clarify that stents do not treat or cure heart disease. They can open a short stretch of blockage but have never been shown to decrease mortality from heart disease. One reason for this is that cardiovascular disease is a systemic process affecting every vascular bed, including the heart, carotid arteries, kidneys, and brain. Another reason may be that the least stable vascular plaques are thinner ones that do not sufficiently occlude coronary vessels to warrant elective stenting. However, they can cause an acute blockage upon rupture.

It's better to treat the underlying cause of systemic disease rather than apply band-aids to the most striking areas of disease.

The Healthy Librarian

Hey PGYx,

Good to hear from you--it's been awhile.

So well said! Thanks for the most excellent explanation about why it's imperative to really "cure" the systemic disease--all the rest are just band-aids!

Your patients are very lucky to have you as an example to follow!


Just wanted to say thanks, I stumbled upon your blog from a link you posted in the comments on a nytimes article. My Fiance and I have been searching for the best dietary practice and have slowly but surely arrived here, we are happy to be taking the vegan approach to eating and have been enjoying every second of it.

The Healthy Librarian


Happy you found the blog--and wishing you good health & excellent eating on the plant-based plan. I sure wish I started back in 1971 when I got married. Happy wedding!



I've had a busy summer but read your blog religiously! If I had to pick one blog to inspire people to live happily and healthfully I would (and often do) choose yours!

Oddly enough, the two people who emphasized the "no mortality benefit from stents" have been interventional cardiologists (a.k.a. the folks who place stents).

One of them also told me he sees "much more more coronary disease [on coronary angiograms]" on the east coast than he did during a 12-year stint in Indiana. I asked him why there would be such a difference as I estimated the midwestern diet is no healthier than that of east coasters.

He responded emphatically with zero hesitation: "Stress! They don't have the amount of stress we do here. Stress is a major cause of coronary disease. It's as bad as smoking!"

I don't know if there are any good studies to support his experience, but we do know stress increases blood pressure, which in turn directly contributes to endothelial damage and coronary plaque formation.

I'll take it as one more reason to make happiness a priority!


I have learned so much from your blog and am thankful you keep writing. My husband who is a meat & potato man watched the special with me and is going to try a couple of meatless days. Hey that's a start. I have been dabbling the last year with going plant based and am more determined than ever now. By the way my local library has on order the video "Forks Over Knifes" and I can't wait to see it when it comes in.


I want to include my thanks for this post and for the links to CNN. I watched it today. And Victoria--I agre with you, too!

Chris G.

"And when we look back on this time, a couple of hundred years from now, I guarantee you that our diet of today will be considered one of the most radical in history." - Sanjay Gutpa

This statement is extremely profound. Now that we know that the same diet that promotes heart health also promotes brain health and fights cancer, I believe human diets will be progressively transformed from the lethal concoctions consumed today to plant-based diets void of dangerous foods in the (hopefully near) future.

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